Wednesday, October 7, 2009

MudHoney Glam Girl Photobles

MudHoney is coming out with this really cool and helpful photoble for bloggers, photographers and anyone who likes to take pictures can use. I don't have enough prims or time on my hands to either always change up my home to take various pictures or cruise around the grid looking for that perfect spot.

Sooooo...problem solved. I now have this photoble that I can drop down in a nice quiet sandbox, rez it and the whole room is instantly set up for me to take pictures using the Rez-Faux system.

You have 11 beautiful texture choices for the walls; however, I'm only showing four below so that this post is not too picture heavy.

The chair comes with 10 menu driven poses and there are a variety of leaning, laying and sitting poses to choose from. I took some pictures of my new Pixel Mode Danielle pink knee length boots in it.

Since it is breast cancer awareness month, Picnik put this cool pink tint and banner to add to photos.

The photoble goes on sale this Friday, October 9th at Mudhoney so check it out along with Rayvn's other great furniture and prefabs at

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♥ Lolita ♥ said...

Oh that's so cool! And you look beautiful as always! LOVE THE BOOTS! *Giggle*

:: Lolita ::