Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Neighbor's Place

I love it when my neighbors have beautiful homes that I can crash when they are not around to take pictures. I crashed CT Xue's place the other night but I don't think he will mind because I am guessing he does not read the fashion feeds so what he doesn't know won't hurt him! LOL!

Credits: Poetic Colors Eyes in Liquid Amber; Cake Bedroom Lashes; paper.doll Stella Hair in Carmel; Aimesi Skin Jezzy Sun Face 2 (received via the iheart's Bloggers Group);Emjay Sash Top Beige; Zaara's Jeans Blue Classic;Decoy Jully Boots in Cocoa


ClassTax Xue said...
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ClassTax Xue said...

But alas, my employees do, and they direct me to your blog months and years later! LOL

I'm glad you enjoyed it, neighbor. We had a lot of fun with that sure did take up a lot of room.

Miss you!