Sunday, October 18, 2009

Red Queen SLexchange Special and Group Gift

I have mentioned before my love of Red Queen on this blog and so here is another post about Red Queen and there will probably be many more. Right now on SLexchange you can get the [rQ] SLOTH @ SHAPE (Shape,SUN Skin & Hair included) for only $350. This usually runs for $1400 in the store. The shape I am using in the pictures below is my own and not the shape that is included.

There is also a new skin called Gluttony and there is a group gift of the skin. You can search for Red Queen and it is the third one listed. I am also wearing in the pictures below the Red Queen Hush Onyx hair and Red Queen kitten ears and kitten tail.


Pictures 1-4: Red Queen Sloth shape (shape not shown in pictures), skin and hair included at or try on a demo at Red Queen; Snatch The Fishnet Collection outfit; Storm Schmooz Overknee Black Leather Boots.

Pictures 5 & 6: Red Queen Gluttony Skin (group gift); Red Queen Hush Onyx Hair; Red Queen Ears and Kitten Tail; Soulfire Titanium nose ring with beauty mark (no longer available); Eponym Fragile Eyes (free); Crimson Shadow Latex Catsuit (no longer available).

Poses in pictures 1& 2: Pffiou! Queen of Emo
Poses in pictures 3 & 4; ImpeEle Katana
Pose in picture 5; Storin Self Confidence
Pose in picture 6; Storin Attitude

Urban background in pictures 5 & 6 courtesty of Ylva Korhonen, manager of Club Mutation.

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