Saturday, October 10, 2009

More MudHoney Photobles

Just a quick post before I go to bed.....

I knew that MudHoney was coming out with her Glam Girl Photoble on Friday but when I saw that she also came out with another one called Harvest Hideway, I headed straight over there to pick it up. This one has a fall country feel to it and it has five menu driven poses in it. Just rez it and it is all set up and ready for you to start taking your pictures!

  • Mudhoney Harvest Hideway Photoble
  • Aimesi Elena Skin
  • Cake Faith Chestnut Hair
  • Snatch Kick Ass Hat Rattler (not sure if this is still available. I think it was a group gift or freebie and I have had it for over a year)
  • Last Call Yelena shorts (no longer available)
  • Slink Jane Cowboy Boots Jane Signature Series Eagle
  • Chikka Designs Cowgirl Pink Shirt (could not find location)

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