Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Free Speerit Katherine and Ingenue Gene Dress

I wear the Free Speerit Kimberly skin alot! As a matter of fact, it is the skin I use in my profile pic so I was excited to see the Katherine skin being released with a beauty mark on it. I no longer have to wear my separate beauty mark prim to get the effect that I want. The Katherine skin does come with various eyebrow options and you can even tint the beauty mark.

I thought the Glamour version of the skin would go perfectly with Ingenue's new release dress Gene in the Red Hots color. This dress is hot and sexy and the textures are beautifully done! This dress come in four colors to choose from Emerald, Noir (black), Red Hot and The Blues.

I love the bow on this dress!

You will look hot coming and going in this dress! Remember that this is a system skirt, so you will need to wear your skirt shape for it and adjust your shape to your liking.

Also, Ingenue is have a a 50% sale off of select items and there are some very lovely items marked off.

Free Speerit Katherine skin in Glamour (Review copy)
Truth Hair in Evie Chocolate
Ingenue Gene Dress in Red Hots (Review copy)
Exodi Earth Eyes in Large
Poses: Pic one pose LAP Quiet Glance; Pic two pose Ammaci 12 Stand Female Poses; Pic three LAP Up Against It.

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