Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Decorating with Second Spaces

I'm not much into decorating for Halloween in RL and SL but when Elle Kirshner from Second Spaces dropped her Halloween items on me, I got busy setting them up around my pad.

The Trick or Treat banner, the haunted house and the little pumpkin set are perfect to greet visitors at the front door.

Check out this little haunted house! The details in it are great! It has a little floating ghost in the upstairs window and little lights coming out of the top of it. You can't see it in the picture but there is even a spider web on it.

If I'm going to put out Halloween decorations, I like for it to still have style and fit in with my decor. I don't like the really gory and scary stuff. This picture was perfect to decorate the house with. You look at it and think "How pretty it has trees in it" and then you look closer and "Whoa! There are blood splatters all over it...what the hell happened here!"

Halloween is only a few days away! If you haven't decorated yet, then you need to get to Second Spaces to pick up your stuff! You can catch this slurl at

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home staging said...

Hi. I like the little haunted house. I think it is both cute and spooky. I finished decoration of our house just yesterday. I'm very happy that it is done and I can enjoy the upcoming Halloween atmosphere this week. There will be some cooking before Halloween but I hope that someone from our family will help me.

Happy Halloween,