Monday, May 31, 2010

Art Dummy & Grindstone Furniture New Items!

New furniture and home accessories at Art Dummy and Grindstone Furniture! Get down there and see what is new!

Art Dummy Chalk Dust bed, night table and lamp

Grindstone Songwriter's Box

Grindstone Vintage Apocathery Jars

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Decorating with Second Spaces

Second Spaces has some new furniture out that is perfect for summer and is so unique that you have to put it in your home! (Please be aware that not all furniture shown is from Second Spaces. I wanted to show how different pieces could be used in a room. All credits will be listed below)

First up is the Sophia Living Set which would go perfectly in a summer beach home with its soft pink colors and lazy day type of of poses. The set comes with the table, tulips, rug, room divider, chaise and wall cabinet. I put my set up in the Molto Bene! Seaside Bungalow.

Next is the cutest tile coffee table that I put in my living room looks like a scrabble board game!

Check it out! I love the details on this and I think it is a very original idea. I like how all the words shown are SL related.

For my reading corner I put out the Second Space's Zebra table that went great with my Gbberish Jungle Cat Armchair.

Last but not least is the Max's Painted Dresser! This reminds me of a weekend DIY project that I would do in RL but my results would not turn out as nice as this! Because this dresser is so unique it doesn't have to be limited to a bedroom, you could use it in any room of your house.

Second Spaces has a lot of great pieces of furniture and home accessories to check out and also participates in the Second Life Daily Deals and the once a month Spruce Up Your Space. So tp to Second Spaces and keep up with the blogs to see what could be on sale!

Other Credits:
Picture one: Second Spaces Sophia Living Set and Molte Bene! Seaside Bungalow
Picture two: Second Spaces Tile Coffee Table and pile o' games, Kopi Retro Brown Sofa, Rockberry Corner Chairs (no longer available), nordari. goldie rug and redberry lamp (free), La'Licious Cup of Tea
Picture three: Second Spaces Tile Coffee Table
Picture four: Second Spaces Zebra Table,Gbberish Jungle Cat Armchair, nordari. flowergarden lamp (free), iTuTu Biblio Mania 3, Dutchie Newspapers
Picture five: Second Spaces Max's Painted Dresser

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Baffle! My Little Bathtub

Time for a bath! Ok, we don't really need to take baths in SL but this is just the cutest bathtub set that Baffle put out with some great poses!

This bathtub prop comes with 11 menu driven, adjustable poses (only six are shown). Two shower heads-one that's like a shower and another one that has a drop dripping down. You can turn the water on/off by clicking on one of the faucets. This will also turn off the sound. It also comes with the pile of towels and the plate of candles.

I debated putting nude shots but its a bath...I would look silly in a bathing suit or with duct tape over my breasts! So if you are feeling the need to get clean in SL, then you should definitely check out the demo at Baffle and pick one up!

Baffle! My Little Bathtub
Tiny Bird New Soul II Brownie Hair
Belle di Notte Sydney Natural Skin in Bare

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Enjoy Your Day Moms!
This Rose Is For You!
From Terri Zhangsun

Friday, May 7, 2010

Belle di Notte Sydney Skins

When I saw GoGo blog these skins here, I knew I had to have them so I could take my own pictures and stare at myself over and over and over again!

I love the lips and the makeups on these skins! The lips look so soft and touchable with just the right amount of gloss and the makeup is perfect! The shades are not too over done and they have the same soft look as the lips.

If you purchase the fat pack, you will get light and dark brow options included with every makeup purchase. You can choose from Light, Natural, Tan and Dark skin shades. I am wearing the natural tone. You also get a free shape. However, I'm wearing my own shape in the pictures and I think the skin looks fabulous on it!

The demos at Belle di Notte are free so get down there and try them on! I think you will love them just as much as I do!

Other Credits:
Exile Carly Hair in Chestnut
Miriel Honey Eyes (no longer available)