Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Blog??? Woo hoo!

Woo hoo, I just went to check out my favorite designer's blog Zaara's Indian Couture and she has me on her blog roll list! I thought that was so cool!

In case you didn't know Zaara will be having more releases this Friday, adding a lucky chair and will put out a new group gift too! If you take a look at Strawberry's blog, you will see some pics of some great clothes. I am sooooo looking forward to Friday!

I don't know if I will be at the Disco party tonight. My son just started school this week and our week nights are pretty busy. I am trying to get to the gym three times a week and Wednesday nights is one of the nights that a work out fits in. I am not blessed with a SL body in RL! LOL!

Well, I won the dress at Crimson Shadow and planned to put pics up but I don't know if I will have time or not. I never did win the one at Silent Sparrow. Oh well, you win some and you lose some.

I just read Truth is having a really great sale going on right now so now I need to find some time to get down there too!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Hair Solutions

The other night hanging out at Silent Sparrow with some of the group, I saw a girl with some hair that I really liked. After figuring out it came from Hair Solutions, we all headed over there to purchase some hair. I think it was me, Eva, Elora and Joonie who wound up there and then Merrick showed up. Anyway, I purchased Colleen in the Midnight pack. I have to say that I think their textures are just as good as FKNY Cake, Detour and RAC and they are reasonably priced too unlike those other hair shops. It was $200 for a color pack of four. Cake, Detour and RAC run around $300+ for just one color.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

More Crimson Shadow Fun!

Well, still trying to win the dress! Here are some pics I took to amuse myself while there.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Belts in Second Life

One last thought I had as I was looking at the blogs is all of the cool belts out there that you can get in SL. Like the dollarbie from PND. I think it is of Trix or some type of cereal belt. I have some like that and a few others with a bunch of other stuff on them. My favorite is my bad girl belt from Alicia.

However, I just wonder what these belts would look like in RL if we all ran around with a box of cereal, a bowl and spoon strapped to our waist. I think it would be pretty cumbersome. Or what people would think if I showed up at the mall with a bad girl belt in RL. Mouthwash, condoms and gum strapped to my hip! LOL! Oh well, that is what SL is do things in SL that we can't always do in RL.

Mob Scene at Crimson Shadow

Well, I haven't been doing much this week in SL except trying to win the dress at Crimson Shadow. I even left the Viper Pit party early last night to try and win it but no luck! Either the same letters keep coming up multiple times in 30 minutes like "O". I mean how many people could possibly be out there with their first name starting with "O"! Or there was already a "T" there and I don't feel it is right to try and win a lucky chair item when someone else has already been waiting there for it with the same letter.

I went to the Simply Britnee free hair frenzy this morning and clogged up my inventory. Funny thing is I don't think I really care for the hair that much. I deleted a few styles and the styles that I kept are going to require too much prim by prim editing and there is nothing I hate more in SL than editing hair! So I will probably just delete them anyway. I never heard of this hair vendor before so I don't know if they are new or what? Oh, there was a $100 style mixed in with all the freebies. Of course, in my freebie frenzy, I accidentally bought it! It will probably be one I will delete too!

Oh back to Crimson Shadow and what a scene! The place is packed and people are starting to get nasty with one another too! One poor girl with the letter "I" (again how many "I"s out there?" was trying to sit in the chair but it wasn't rezzing fast enough for her and people were getting impatient with her! Just crazy!
I took a pic of the scene while I was there. There was too much lag so I went to Snatch to find the freebie and I got it...yay!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Adoption Updates

So, I know this is supposed to be a SL blog but I don't always have SL stuff to blog about so I am just going to blog about whatever is important to me at the time or about whatever interests me.

Last weekend our soon to be adopted son moved in and my husband and I took the week off to help get us all settled in. We have been spending the past few days getting him registered for school and day care, having visits with case workers, buying school clothes etc.

I have to say it has been a good week. He has even called us mom and dad a couple of times but it will take him some time to get comfortable saying it all of the time. He made a friend a few houses down and that has been really, really great for him and us! LOL! Play time for him is rest time for us! It can become quite tiring having to constantly stay after someone to brush their teeth or to stay on them do do this or do that, etc.

One of the issues that we have been having is sulking and pouting when he doesn't get his way. However, I see that as typical 7 yr old behavior that we will just have to get through. If any of you moms out there who read my blog have any suggestions for dealing with sulking, whining or pouting, please let me know. He can usually be redirected pretty easily but it can be tiresome.

A New Dress From Kenzie

I saw on the blogs the other day a %50 sale at a store that I had never heard of called Kenzie so I thought I would check it out. They had a lot of cute stuff but I just picked up this one dress called Mexican Print for $50.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

These Boots Were Made For Walking!

"And thats just what I'll do! These boots were made for walking; they're going to walk all over you!"

Remember that old song from Nancy Sinatra? Anyway, when I saw these black leather thigh high boots from Storm Schmooz all over the blogs, I had to get me a pair!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Random Questions and Thoughts.....

I was thinking about how much I don't feel like myself when I change my skin in SL. I very much love my Dutch Touch skin but occasionally I will change it to something else that looks good on my shape but I just can't stick with another skin. I have a ton of them though that I have picked up as group gifts or freebies and some of them are really nice but just not least not for long anyway.

As far as textures go in SL for clothes, hair, shoes and furniture, I really like the textures that look more realistic instead of the hand drawn kind. I think that is the other type of texture out there...the hand drawn kind? Anyway, I LOVE when my jeans look like real jeans or my hair looks like real hair. That is one reason why I really like Detour hair because it looks so real. You can even see the strands in their hair.

In some of my earlier posts I had mentioned how once I left my Blue Fusion job I was only going to put about $5 or $10 USD into SL a month. Well, so far it has been $5 USD a week. LOL! I just can't help but not shop, shop, shop! I don't even wear 1/2 of what I buy or win on lucky chairs or find in hunts but I can't help but impulse buy in SL. I guess, it is better to do it in SL than in RL though. I rarely will go shopping for myself in is always just sooooo disappointing! For some reason Target and Mervyn's is just not as glamorous or exciting as shopping at Zaara's, Dutch Touch or Personas. LOL!

Oh, and I just wanted to thank you all for all of your well wishes regarding our kiddo moving in this weekend and our pending adoption! I really appreciate it. Things like that just prove how this is not just a game it can be a little community of friends!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Catholic School Girl!

Ok, I got the new free outfit from Snatch and it reminded of a Catholic School Girl uniform gone bad! So, of course, I had to do a search for Catholic and I was hoping for a school but all I could find was a church.

So I broke out my cigarettes and my cigarette poses and took some pics of the Catholic school girl gone bad! LOL!

I was kind of surprised that you could actually buy various praying poses and church accessories and garments!! Who knew!! I wonder if they hold services at the church? They do have a group. However, I couldn't imagine a church just having their services open to the general public because you know SL, some pervert (s) would come to the service wearing silks or some type of inappropriate a blingis or something! LOL!

The Church

Smoking in front of the church!

A praying pose

Some of the church accessories you can buy. Yes, I did make some underpants for that Snatch outfit! I'm not that naughty...LOL!

Once I outgrow my bad Catholic school girl phase, I'm going to become a nun and I will shop here for my clothes!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Well, as some of you may know who have been reading my blog since the beginning,you two know who you are!, LOL!

My husband and I are going to be adopting a seven year old boy. He is moving in this weekend with us. We have been spending the last month getting to know him and Friday night is the big move in day. We actually won't be adopting him for about six to nine months but we will be fully responsible for him! YIKES! This is a huge change for my husband and I because it has only been us and a lot of dogs for the past ten years.

So my time on SL and blogging will be very limited. One of the things that is stressing me out is time management and trying to find time for SL and blogging is moving to the bottom of my priority list. I hope to get on for at least 30 minutes a day while he plays his computer games. I usually hop on the laptop and get on SL during that time because I can play and keep an eye on what he is doing on our computer during that 30 minutes.

Well, with all that said, I just wanted to let you know why you may not hear from me or see any updates on my blog as frequently.


Monday, July 14, 2008

Yikes! Bad spelling!

Geez, I went back and read some of my past posts and my spelling and grammar, etc. is horrible in some of the posts. I hope everyone understands that sometimes I am quickly putting together a post straight out of my head or during my lunch hour and I just don't catch those things even if I do proofread them over and over. LOL!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

High School Daze

When I went to the shoe expo, I saw these moccasin boots at 69 that reminded me of the boots that I used to wear in high school. Unfortunately, the texture on the boots is not that great and I will show a pic of that at the end. I tried to stretch the texture, etc but it just threw the shape of the boot all off. I did try the demo but did not even check on and learn.

Anyway, I put together a look that reminded me of how I used to look in high school. The only exceptions, of course, is that there is no acne on my av and I didn't have all these tattoos in H.S.

I used to smoke in H.S so I had to throw in my smoking poses in the pics. LOL! Oh and Led Zep was and still is my favorite band!

Smoking in front of the school!

Smoking in the girl's room!

Trouble in class!

Hanging out in the halls!

Bad boots!

The Shoe Expo

I have to agree with Alicia that I was not that impressed with the shoe expo either. The layout and the shops were nice and the shoes were nice too but they were shoes that I have already seen in the stores or on the blogs.

Also, I hate to sound like a shoe snob and I won't name vendors but some of those shoes were plain terrible! Their shoes were so outdated and/or newbie looking that I am surprised they still make shoes that look like that or even get any sales from them. They must though if they still keep putting them out.

Also, I was a little confused as to what went to the ASPCA and what didn't? Some vendors were only selling certain shoes with the sales going to the charity and they had those shoes marked. Other vendors, I guess, any shoe you bought from them at the expo went to the charity??...I wasn't sure.

Anyway, I picked up some demos from 69 and another store with a name that I can't spell and I am too lazy to try and find the correct spelling for it. I may or may not go back and buy them. However, again I am not sure if I buy these shoes from the expo if they will go to the charity or not??

I didn't go the Lingiere and bikini expo that was going on. I don't wear lingiere in SL and I have enough freebie bikinis to wear if I need one, which I rarely do.

This weekend was sort of a blah weekend as far as fashion and sales go in SL. I was hoping for some great 50% sale on clothes or gift cards but nothing. Oh well, maybe I will go shopping in RL! Yea, right that is like pulling teeth for me!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Thanks Guys!

Well, I was going to do a post with party pics but since that was two days ago and all the other pics are up, I don't think they will be anything new that everyone has not already seen.

So instead I thought I would say "Thanks!" to you all in the Ck'know group because the group is a lot of fun!

I do tend to get bored in SL but I do enjoy getting on and jumping into the chat sessions or doing the shopping thing as a group. It is also a lot of fun yelling out lucky chair letters in the group chat too or when we all mob vend a place! LOL!

Of course, I can't forget the Pit parties even though I always have to get to bed early!

Anyway, just wanted to say I am glad that I joined this group. You all make SL enjoyable!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Smoking in SL

I used to smoke in RL when I was younger because I thought it was cool. Of course, I know better now and I am fortunate that I never got addicted to it like some of my friends and was able to easily give it up. I do have to admit that I still have about three cigarretes a year when I may be feeling stressed out. This may seem pathetic but I guess I still see smoking as something the cool kids do or the rebels do! LOL! So I have started to smoke in SL. I guess it ties in with my whole bad girl image I like to have in SL. If you read one of my earlier posts, you know what I am talking about. Fortunatley, smoking in SL does not cause lung cancer and won't kill me!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

It Is Good To Be Home!

Although it is nice to see the family, there is nothing like coming home! I jumped on SL and the blogs to see what I had missed. It looks like not much?? Which is a good thing because I thought I would have a ton of freebies to catch up on or hunts and there was really nothing that caught my eye or that I could not live without.

The only thing that did catch my eye was the ridiculous greedy sign that was put up in front of the Ch'know store. I haven't known Ali long but I do know that she is not greedy and she is generous so poo poo on you to whoever put that sign there. I don't even think their name deserves to be mentioned in my blog! They will be considered "The one who shall not be named"!

Relaxing at Home!

Poo Poo on you sign!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'm Baaaack! Just some random thoughts!

I have five minutes before I leave and I have these thoughts in my head like:

Do you like Damsel Fly Hair and Skins? I can't say that I do except for their male skins.

Why do people wear sunglasses in SL? or us handbags for that matter? I just don't think designers make alot of Lindens making those products..or do they?

I finally read the full Calla blog about the drama and DAAAMMMMNN! That is alot of money off of SL hair. The figure of $34K was mentioned! That is in US dollars folks...not Lindens! I need to get a skill in SL???

If I had skills, would it be building, clothes, hair??

Why do people like Minnu skins? I don't.

Good Bye and Happy 4th!

Well, I will be out of town until Sunday visiting family. I am going to try and make the Viper Pit party tonight depending on how I feel. I am still super tired but only 45 minutes until I go home! If I don't see anyone, Happy 4th of July!

Using My Blog to Rant!

Ok, this is not SL related it is more therapeutic today! I am so frigging tired this morning and I feel like crap! I just wish I could get a decent night's sleep! I am sick of getting up at 4:30am to get to work by 6:30. I have had two cups of coffee and that is getting me no where! I am just grumpy and my head is cloudy and I am hoping that my coworkers do not need much from me today because having to be nice on top of this is going to push me over the edge! GAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Having the dog sleep in the bed with us was a huge mistake! We should have let him continue sleeping in his crate like we had him trained to do since he was a pup because now when we try to put him in there to sleep he just cries.

Ok, here is an SL rant...what is up with designers calling something a new release every week when it is obvious that is the same short dress they always put out but with a different texture. One of the designers that I really like and I even have on my blog does that all the time. But what do I know??? I can barely build a box much less make clothes!


Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Who do you think is going to be the first person in our group to get banned from a sim or have an abuse report because of the Blingis? LOL!

This is just a random pic of some place I was teleported to when I couldn't get to the location that I wanted. Very weird place with very weird noises!