Sunday, June 21, 2009

Blog Fail! I suck!

Well, I failed the challenge. I was doing good until the topic was left up to us and then I realized that I had nothing to massive fail!

On another note, let me say that I am bored with SL. That's right...BORED! This is not going to be a dramatic post that I am leaving, blah, blah because I am not but there is really nothing that is getting me excited. Shopping..blah; building...blah; hair fair....maybe, if I could get in there.

Not only that after sitting at a computer for nine hours at work and then coming home and sitting at a computer in the evening is just too much! I need to start getting back into things in my RL like working out, reading and my other favorite sit on my ass tv!

It is time that I spent more time with my RL pet than my SL ones and spend more time with my hubby even if it is just doing my other favorite sit on my ass tv.

I am toying with the idea of starting a home and garden feed and putting another blog on there about home and garden stuff. I was thinking of asking builders to put their blogs on there and making it as big and massive as the fashion feed but we will see. I'm not really motivated to start that right now. It would be like anything else in SL to me. It starts out fun and challenging and then just turns into a chore.

Ok, enough of my whining and back to trying to get into the hair fair!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

BBC Day 4 Topic

So who would I want to be in SL and why? Well, I am actually pretty happy being me in SL but if I were to pick someone, I guess it would be Gabrielle Sinatra.

Why her? You may ask. Well, I happen to think she is extremely talented! I think she does amazing photographs and does some awesome stuff in photoshop. I think it would be fun to do that type of creating in SL. I only wish I had a pinky's worth of her talent!

If you search for her in SL, you will find her flicker address and business information. She also took my profile pic!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Very Own Free Sim? For Me?

What would I do with my very own free sim that I could not make residential or commercial? Hmmm, lets see?? I have a heart for animals and in particular homeless animals and animals in shelters and the feral cat issue, etc. So I would probably make my sim into some type of educational informative island about this.

I would make it green and lush with mountains and get some pets from Zoobys and VKC and other places and just try to promote ways to help the animals and make it a better world for them.

So, if you are interested in learning of ways to help, I am going to put some links here of some great organizations that you may have or never have heard of!

Monday, June 15, 2009

My Perfect Day in Second Life

Alicia asks today "What is your Perfect Day in SL?".

Well, one of the things that makes a good day in SL for me is to have a high balance of Lindens in my account and being able to shop and buy whatever I want, when I want it! That is not something that I get to do in RL so being able to do it in SL provides me with a rush and some retail therapy at times. A recent really good day was when Zaara had her 50% off sale and I got to buy just about one of everything in my favorite color and not even worry about the effect on my account.

Another really good day and I mean an awesome day is when I finally figure out that SL gadget that has been frustrating the hell out of me for days! I have purchased the Prim Docker and the Perfect Sitter and I am surprised that I am not bald in RL from trying to figure those things out.
Oh sure, the comments on exchange said they were soooooo easy to learn how to use. I mean after all there are videos and written directions for you to learn how to use it so how hard could it really be? I mean they are practically idiot proof! Well, I have said it before on here and I will say it again and wave my hand in the air with a clump of hair in it and say "Hello, number one idiot over here who can't get me, help me!"

So when I do finally get it and everything clicks after, oh, I don't know, days and weeks and I can finally move on in my project that is a very good day! A very good day indeed! Almost damn near perfect!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

BBC 2009

Yay, it is time for the Blogger Challenge of 2009. Our first topic is "How long have you been a blogger? How has it enriched your life?"

Well, I have been SL blogging for about a year now. As far as how it has enriched my life, I'm not really sure. I mean it can take a lot of time to blog and that is time that I don't always have in RL. To be honest some times it feels more like a chore than anything. So why do I do it at all? Mostly to share things that I may come across in SL that I think "Wow, does anyone know about this place?" I never heard of it so I should get it out there. That is why I want to do more home and garden type of blogging and reviews.

It has enriched my SL life because I have made friends in SL through blogging that I probably would not have met. I think reading other's blogs rather than having my own has been more enriching.

So there you have challenge down and six more to go!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

JunkDrawer 25% off sale

Just a quick post to let you know that JunkDrawer is having a 25% off sale on select items with a green dot on them. I'm not sure how long it will last so you will want to get down there quick! Below are pics of two items that she has on sale.

This is the "With the Band" tee in pink! You know I love anything with skulls on it! The skirt is the "Better Than The Movie" in pink glitter.

The back of the shirt also has this cute lacing in the back. This is totally something I would wear in RL.....well like about 25 years ago anyway! No one would want to see me in something like that now!

Also wearing:

Sugar Skulls and Roses tattoo from Otaku Designs; Caelyn Hair from Novacaine and Kimberly skin from Free Speerit.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Second Spaces Review!

I mentioned a few weeks ago how I wanted to change my blog and go in a different direction and do more home and garden type of blogging because that is something that is really missing out there in SL. When Elle Kirshner asked on Plurk if any blogger would do a review on her new products, I jumped at the chance! I now officially feel like a big time SL blogger doing a review for a designer….and a good designer too!

So enough chit chat and on with the review!

The first item is her new Murphy Armoire w/Vintage Posters Bed. The bed is 18 prims and sells for $300L. It also comes with some removable vintage posters. The posters add an additional 4 prims. The bed is great on saving space because you are able to open and close it to hide the bed.

It also has several menu-driven animations and more than one avatar can sit on it at a time. This is a great bed to hang out with your girlfriends and gossip. It has a shabby vintage chic feel to it which I love! You can't tell in the pictures but the animations are very full moving animations if that makes any sense? For example, on one sit it will cycle through me tapping my foot and then checking my nails. You really have to try it out to see what I mean. These definitely are not static poses and they are more animated than most furniture animations that I have seen.

Me and my gal pals,Alicia Chenaux and Sai Pennell, hanging out!

The other item that I was lucky enough to review is her new Culver Writing Desk. This is an adorable pink desk that also opens and closes. You can shut it to hide all those SL shopping bills or show off all the cute accessories that come with it!

The desk is for $250L and is 26 prims. The accessories that come with it are 27 prims total but they are optional if you are watching your prim count. One of the things that I love about this desk is the attention to detail…the accessories have shadows, the basket has magazines and it has a cute little sign for your desk.

Elle is one of those multi-talented SL individuals that I envy! She does her own textures and you can tell in the quality of the color and softness of her items. She also does her own poses and animations for her furniture so they are very unique items.

You can check out her furniture pieces at Elle’s store Second Spaces and her animations at her shop next door at Pulling Strings.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pics of my new home

Well, I got tired of my MudHoney BeachBabe Bungalow. It was cute but was getting too small and it was kind of dark so I went searching for a new place. I also wanted to put all the items I had in my skybox in my beach front home.

I finally settled on the Ayler House by Park Life or Ace's Spaces. As far as finding homes that are low prim, look good and are reasonably priced, I just don't think you can beat Park Life/Ace's Spaces.

My home is a lot larger than my previous one and it was only 29 prims for $500L. I did do some modding to it. I took out the stairs so I had to add a tp system to it and I did extend the deck out and I retexurized the heck out of it but I love it!

The back or front of the house...I'm not really sure?? I guess the front because that is where the door is at...duh!

My living room. This is a mix of furniture from MOWE (no longer around) and from the Kona Beach House collection from Corey Edo.

My office area. This has my desk set from KaiaGaia.

Purple is my favorite color so I wanted my bedroom to have plenty of it!

This is where I come to get high so I can relax after a hard day of shopping in SL. I also have a great view of Eva frolicking on the beach with her friends! LOL!