Friday, April 24, 2009

My Little Shop "Harmony Interiors"

For a long time I have thought about trying my hand at opening a little furniture store but have put it off due to procrastination with learning how to do things in SL and then getting frustrated with learning how to build and then RL would get busy etc. Plus, I’m just plain scared to do something like that!

I in NO WAY felt ready to do it but then I saw a shop with a rental sign for $1/week for 50 prims and I paid $4L for the month. I thought “What the Hell, what do I have to lose here?” Even if I don’t have time to get it set up, I’m only out $4L. If I don’t get the place ever set up, I may just use the little place for storage of my inventory for that cheap amount.

Besides all I had was my one outdoor bed completed so I didn’t even have 50 prims worth of stuff to put in there so I could work within the prim limit. It is not the prettiest of places. I can’t retexture it so I had to use my own prims to kind of spruce the walls and floors up a bit.

Also, the location is, well, interesting to say the least! The sim is called PIMP and I am near Orgasm beach and I think my shop is on Ho street. LOL! Oh, and I have a SNATCH affiliate right next to me and her floating text floats into my store! LOL!....hey we all have to start somewhere right?

If you would like to stop by and check it out it is at:

I have a couple of dollarbies and two of my beds out. The benches have one pose in them and the beds have four. They are copy, no mod, no transfer. I am putting some pics below.

Thank you!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some Shameless Self Promotion!

I finally put the Hawaiian print bed I made up for sale on exchange for $50. I made some changes to it based off of some feed back that I got. I did lower the top of it so it was not so tall.

I am obsessed with checking it to see if I have sold any or not. LOL! If interested in checking it out, here is the link:

Love Thursday! Mexican Food!

MMMM! I love me some Mexican Food! I could eat it about 90% of the time. The best type of Mexican food is New Mexican food with Hatch green and red chile...not sauce..chile! I know that statement may offend some of my friends from TX and CA but NM food is the best! I have been living in AZ for ten years and nothing compares to the Mexican food from back home either.

When I was growing up, my mom used to make a big pot of beans and we would have beans, fried potatoes and Spanish rice the first night. Then it would be tostadas and enchillidas the rest of the week!

I find that the Mexican food from mom, Grandma and little rundown hole in the wall restuarants are often the best. My favorite dish is green chile chicken enchillidas and nachos. The one thing I look forward to on Friday nights is Margaritas and nachos.

This is making me hungry...I wonder if they have Mexican food in the cafe today?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

KaiaGaia $250 gift card

KaiaGaia is a furniture store that I just stumbled upon. I think they have some very nice stuff and Meggie DeCosta has a style that is her own. The group is currently giving a $250 gift card to celebrate reaching 100 members. Just do a search for KaiaGaia and you will find it in the notices.

You can find the LM in the owner's profile. Just search for Meggie DeCosta.

Here is their website with information on the store and their estate.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm Rocking Out!

As you may know, I like to fancy myself as a bad ass in SL. Can I still consider myself a bad ass if I use the word fancy in the same sentence? Anyway,I like to picture myself as a pistol packing, Harley riding hot chick who will fight with anyone and also plays the electric guitar! That is why I have a few pics of me with guns, with a motorcycle and with a bruised face in various fights!

I now, finally have my electric guitar! I had been thinking of purchasing one for awhile but didn't want to spend the Lindens so I was happy when I found this for $10 Lindens on SLExchange It had everything I needed for the shots below to live my dream of being a guitar player in a Heavy Metal band. Let's see if I was in a Heavy Metal band my name would be Rosee Bottems and our band name would be Rectal Explosion (there is a story behind that name and it is inspired by my little niece and our views on her dirty diapers...we are a sick family..what can I say!)

Playing the guitar
Just starting the set out

Picking up the I'm rocking! LOL!

Time for the guitar solo!

Trying to get the crowd into it with my fist in the air! Ok, really it is just me by myself in my living room but I'm living the dream here people!

Sacred Party Pics

I wanted to put up some pics of the party last night before my day got busy. I really like the one of Sehra...she looks really cute!

Happy Easter!

Sky DJing
Sky our DJ for the night!

His wife Sophia
Sky's wife Sophia

Sehra looking so cute!
Sehra looking adorable!

Pumpkin dancing

Lola dancing!
Lola dancing

Eva in front of a group pic
Eva in front of a group pic.

Cassandra looking hot in glasses
Cassandra looking hot in glasses!

Alicia getting down!
Alicia getting down! I had to touch her balls last night to dance!

Me looking pissed but I'm really not!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Love Thursdays!

So what do I love..well I love my husband. Oh sure, that is an easy answer but I guess I should say why I love him.

To me my husband is someone who can do anything! He loves to work with his hands so he can do those MANLY things around the house that men do. He can fix things and he can do the yard work and do minor car work, etc.

He can also do things better than I like cook and clean, etc. Of course, I don't want to break things down like women do this and men do that but whatever it is...he can do it and he can do it well!

I also love my husband's sense of humor. He has a very quick wit and can always think of something to say on the spot to crack me up and others. His ability to make me laugh is one of the reasons why I married I him.

My husband is also good with understanding finances and how to handle money. We recently just purchased an investment property to rent and are thinking of purchasing another one to rent. That is one reason why I have not been in SL much lately because we have been busy getting the rental ready or just trying to do things around our home.

My husband is also a very caring and loving and generous individual who is ambitious and driven and loves a challenge and a project to be in charge of.

With all this you would probably think "Wow" does this man have flaws? Of course, he does and some of them even tie into the things I love about him...if that makes any sense??

Also, my husband is able to put up with ALL of my flaws and believe me there are many, many...too many to count! LOL!

So this Love Thursday is dedicated to my hubby!