Monday, September 20, 2010

Sway's Embroidery Pillow

I know I just blogged Sway's the other day but I just couldn't help myself and had to blog this adorable Embroidery Pillow Set that she just released! Now if you like to do crafts in RL, you can do them in SL too!

Check this out! The set comes with this colorable pillow with six adjustable poses that you can use when you just sit on the pillow or when you use it on the chair below. It also comes with this cute little basket, the thread and needle and the embroidery hoop. I'm working on my Christmas and Easter gifts! You have to start on that stuff early!

The embroidery cloth has nine texture changes shown below and a blank one too. You can't see it to well in my pictures but the details on the cloth are amazing! You also get an embroidery hoop that you can leave out as decoration.

If you would like a closer look at this adorable and original set, then get to Sway's to see the demo!

Other Credits:
Tiny Bird New Soul Hair
Bella Di Notte Rosi Skin in Dark
Elymode Lounging Sweater in Lucky Blue
WoE Kylei Pajama bottoms in Red

Sunday, September 19, 2010

2Xtreme 50% Off Sale On Sunday Only!

Today only 2Xtreme is having a 50% off sale at one of their new satellite locations! Get there before the day ends!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

RedQueen Up To 75% Off Sale

RedQueen is having a sale until Monday, September 20th! All marked items (hair, skin and shapes) are up to 75% off! Go check it out now!

Sway's In The Hay

I think everyone on the grid is currently decorating their land for Autumn and I am too! I wanted to get some outdoor items that would bring that extra Fall touch and Sway's just released a couple of weeks ago this great hay stack complete with pumpkins and apples..what more could say Autumn?

In this set, you get the hay ground and three different hay stacks with three poses each! It's great for hanging out with your friends and chatting.

You also get the pumpkins, the crates of apples and the sacks with some great burlap textures on them! I really like that this is not only good for Autumn decorating but could also be used for Halloween.

And if you get hungry, you can just touch the crate of apples and get yourself a yummy snack! So stop your decorating at the moment and get over to Sway's to get this set and see what other new releases she has out!

Credits: Review copies with an (R)
Sway's In The Hay (R)
SySy's Yardena de Luna Top in Orange
Bella Di Notte Rosie Skin in Dark (R)
Maitreya Nimue Browns Pack Hair
Glow Studio Folk Green Drop Earrings
Persona Ciggy Pose in picture 3

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blogger Challenge--Gone But Not Forgotten

I saw this blogger's challenge on Alicia's blog and thought I would give it a try. The items in the post need to be from designers/stores who have either closed or are on an undetermined hiatus.

So I pulled from my inventory a black pearl necklace and the Jaydie dress that was one of my favorite dresses from Persona. I don't know when was the last time there was a release from Persona but I think it has been over a year. The store is still there though and it sells clothing, jewelry, poses and AOs. For new players it is a great place to go and get some free poses to put in your Zhao AO.

The hair I am wearing is The Drifter from Foam. Remember Foam? They hit the grid and took off like gang busters but a short time after they had to pull up shop. As it turns out, the creators were underage and for that we lost out on some great hair! Unfortunately, this was the only style that I purchased before they left. Still one of my favorites and I wear it often. But guess what?? Foam is now Nouveau Miranda and this style is now there. So maybe I am cheating a little here in this challenge?

The Kimberly skin that I am wearing is from Free Speerit. I am not sure what is going on with Free Speerit and I have heard that they may just be on hiatus for the summer so hopefully they will be back soon with some great new skins! We have not forgotten about you Free Speerit!

My eyes are, of course, from the very talented and very missed Miriel! I was lucky enough to purchase almost all the eyes from this shop before it was closed. There are other great eye makers our there but Miriel was unique!

The pose that I am using is from Pffiou. Laleeta Xue the pose maker and dear friend of mine made some cute and fun poses! Her RL right now is busy and exciting and even though I have not corresponded with her via email in awhile I do hope she reads this and knows that I am thinking of her!


Persona Jaydie Dress Wine
Persona Black Pearl Drop Necklace
Foam (now Nouveau Miranda) The Drifter Hair
Miriel Honey Eyes
Pffiou Pose
Free Speerit Kimberly Skin

Monday, September 6, 2010

Whole Lotta Rosi!

Well on Sunday night I blogged that the new Belle Di Notte Rosi skins were coming and the next day they are out! Woo hoo!

The skins are sold in light, natural, tan and dark. With a fat pack you get the skins with six lipsticks, dark and light eyebrows, a shape and cleavage enhancers as a tattoo layer or undershirt option.

The eye makeups, blush and freckles are sold separately as tattoo layers. Because the eye makeups are sold separately, there are plenty of opportunities to mix and match with the lipsticks!

I tried to show a variety of looks below mixing and matching to give you some ideas on how versatile the skin is. I am wearing the dark tone which I think is a yummy cocoa color! It works really well with dark and even blonde eyebrows IMHO. Some of you who are blondes in SL all the time may not find the light eyebrows light enough for you with the dark skin tone so the light tone would probably be better for you if you like for your eyebrows to match your hair color. They show up lighter against the light skin tone.

As you can see in the pictures, the lips are soft and luscious looking which is typical of Belle Di Notte's skins.

Picture one: Fresh Blue eyeshadow, Flushed lips with Dark eyebrows. Picture two: Watermelon eyeshadow, Coral lips with Light eyebrows. Picture three: No Eyeshadow, Nude Lips, Light eyebrows and Freckles layer (sold separately).

Picture one: Steel eyeshadow, Dark Red lips with Dark eyebrows. Picture two: No eyeshadow, Dark Red lips with Dark eyebrows. Picture three: Ultra Violet eyeshadow, Flushed lips with light eyebrows.

Picture one: Earth eyeshadow, Brown lips with Dark eyebrows. Picture two: Aquamarine eyeshadow, Flushed lips with Light eyebrows. Picture three: No eyeshadow, Coral lips with Dark eyebrows and Blush tattoo layer (sold separately)

Well, I hope that gives you some ideas. There are other eyeshadows that I did not show but you can check them out at Belle Di Notte. I did try the eyeshadows on some of my other skins and they seemed to work really well.

All the demos at Belle Di Notte are free so get on down there to try EVERYTHING out! There is even a fat pack of shapes that you can try out also. It has six various sizes in it.

Credits: Review copies with an (R)
Belle Di Notte Skins in Dark w/Eyeshadow, Freckles & Blush tattoo layers (R)
Truth Aloha Fat Pack Hair from Project Donate for Pakistan: I used various shades from the pack. Sorry, I don't remember all of the names!
Poetic Color Eyes used: Dark Wood, Hot Mocca, Sunny Glade, Night Rain, Starry Night and Easter Lilac.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Coming Soon! Belle Di Notte Rosi Skins!

Coming soon...a new skin release from Belle Di Notte called Rosi! For now if you want to get some of these beautiful preview skins, just join the group for a $200 fee. Just search for "Black no. 1" or visit the main store for a link on the sign out front.

In the preview pack, you will get the dark, tan, natural and light skin with dark and light eyebrow options. A group makeup in a tattoo layer and cleavage options in tattoo layers.

Belle Di Notte Rosi skins in Dark and Tan (collage 1), Natural and Light (collage 2).
Truth Aloha Hair from the Fat Pack Special for Project Donate for Pakistan.
Poetic Color Eyes in Hot Mocca