Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day all you Canadians! In honor of your day, I did a search for Canada and found this place called Canada Post Maple Groves. I was able to get a freebie Canada postal truck and I took it back to my apt and took it out for a spin.

Also, here at least five things that I like from Canada. They are in no particular order:

Canadian Bacon (so much better for you than the other bacon)
The band Rush
The band Triumph
The Butchart Gardens in Victoria
Wayne Gretzky (no Canadian list would be complete without him on it)
The movie "Young Bloods" (I don't know if this was filmed in Canada or not but the story took place in Canada and it had a hot young Rob Lowe, Patrick Swazye, Keenu Reeves and a few other guys in it)

A New SL Word

In my quest to come up with some unique words and definitions to use in SL to describe certain things, I have come up with Kickaplegy. Kickaplegy can be described as "Teleporting to another location and having your hair and shoes attach to your ass. Therefore, it looks like you are trying to kick your own hairy ass"

So I now have:

Obsessive Complusive Freebities (OCF)
Cen Moment

I need to come up with something for SL Camel Toe?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Best Night Ever in SL!

Tonight was my best night ever in SL because it was just random and crazy! I started out doing lucky chairs and it ended with a group blingis shot! My husband walked in and asked me "What the hell are you doing?". Thanks guys..that was lot of fun! I will let the pics speak for themselves.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Blingis Shots

Ok, here are my Blingis shots. Thanks for the Blingis, Alicia! Thanks for the pose, Sai! Someone really needs to get this thing out to all those gangsta wanna be's in SL running around with all the bling, bling and pimp attitude!

A Cen Moment

Well, I had my first Cen moment yesterday. It was not a Zen moment but a Cen moment. A Cen moment can be defined as "A moment when you confuse your SL wardrobe with your RL wardrobe". This is, of course, named after Cen who first brought up her experience with this a few weeks ago.

Yesterday after logging out of SL, I went to my RL closet and I thought what should I wear with my black boots today. Well, the black boots that I was thinking about were my Wrong Shitkicker boots that I had just put on in SL. The funny thing is that in my mind I was actually walking down the hall to my RL closet wearing them! Unfortunately, in reality I was wearing my ugly black but comfortable Crocs.

If only I had the same wardrobe in RL, like the one I have in SL.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Wow! Drama at Calla!

I was just reading Shopping Cart Disco about the behind the scenes break up of the two hair designers at Calla. I have to say that type of drama in SL really makes me sad because SL is supposed to be fun and it seems that for so many people it becomes so much like RL. Once money, profit and power kicks in, people get greedy or turn in some awful way just like it can happen in RL.

Of course, that was just one side of the story and I don't know what the other side is but I have seen and heard about this type of break up and drama happening a lot. It seems like it causes quite a few people to decide to just quit SL because it is no longer fun and it causes too much stress even in their RL.

After reading the article, I had to head to some place that would bring a smile to my face. I think I found it! Look at the cutie pie next to me...he could bring a smile to anyone's face!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ho Hum...

Well, I didn't do much in SL last night or it is still tonight actually. So I tried on some demos and some of the hair that I got and worked on my inventory.

This is the new Detour hair. Eh...not that impressed with it and I usually love Detour hair.

Some free wooden tree hair from Curious Kitties.

Some other freebie hair I picked up. Don't know when I would ever wear it but it is nice.

Even though Bewitched or House of Heart is not my favorite hair, I really like this one that I picked up at the hunt. It is Undone in brown.

Woo hoo! I met my favorite designer today!

Yay! I stopped by the new main Zaara Indian Couture store in the Tesla sim,, and I got to meet Zaara and her store manager Strawberry. They are very nice ladies who are very cute and pretty too. They are wearing the new outfit that Zaara just released called Anjuna. Sigh...and I said I wouldn't spend any Lindens this weekend. At the risk of sounding like that crazy lady from the movie "Misery", "I'm her number one fan; I'm her number one fan!" LOL!

Zaara is the one in green and Strawberry is the one in blue behind her.

Party Pics!

Got some pics from the party and my favorites are of the toaster! "Go toaster, go's your birthday!"
Missed you Ali!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why Do I Do It?

Why oh why do I have to drop everything every time I see there is a hair hunt at Bewitched or House of Heart? I really don't even care for their hair. I think their hair has improved a lot since I started playing in November and I think HOH is really an improvement on the Bewitched brand.

However, for some reason because it is free, I must fight the lag and spend minutes or hours (!) trying to find the boxes just to spend my time deleting most of them from my inventory.

We need to come up with some type of name for this type of behavior like "Obsessive Compulsive Freebities" (OCF). It can be defined as someone who obsesses over finding freebies in SL over and over regardless of whether they like them or not.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Annoying Things in SL

One of the things that annoys me in SL besides:

Camel Toes
Man Hands (will be blogging about this in the future)
Talking Fetuses
Poorly made clothes
Hair that is not sold in S, M or L

Seriously, with so much bugging me...why do I play this game?

Is people who clog up the chat all night long proclaiming their love for one another! Gag me with a spoon! It is like going to a resturant and having two people make out all night in front of you! After about the 15th billion time, I get love him or you love her, they light up your life, yada, yada, yada...YUCK!

Now, I am not a prude or anything but keep it to yourself or proclaim it once but clogging up the chat and using gestures all night is just rude!

Yikes, I'm getting too worked up....I need a drink! LOL!

Working Tonight at Blue Fusion

I will be working tonight at Blue Fusion from 5:30-8SL. If you are looking for something to do, come join me! The theme tonight is "Love in in the Air" with DJ Izzy. It's a good chance to get all decked out and dance with your loved one and make googly eyes at eachother on the dance floor! LOL!

Monday, June 23, 2008

AWWWW! The Animals Love Me!

Too cute! I don't usually pay fees to join groups but I couldn't pass up a chance to get more cuties like this. It was only $10L

Being Unique in SL

I was reading on the the article about the recent Miss SL 2008, BabeHoney Bailey, resigning from her position due to various issues. One of the reasons why she left is because of elitism and I will put one of the quotes she mentioned in the article.

"I had girls coming up to me, telling me they'd entered, or a few even who were campaigning for the crown weeks after I won it," explains Babyhoney. "And the story was pretty much the same across the board. One of these girls was told that although she was pretty, she was ordinary and that the BOSL and Miss SL Universe Organization isn't looking for ordinary. They're looking for the REAL most beautiful woman and they're looking for originality. I don't support that message that anyone is ordinary, and it might seem silly but I can't tie my name to the messages being thrown around."

That got me thinking how can one be unique in SL. Are these really, really beautiful women having their skins and shapes custom made? I know my Dutch Touch skin can look different on someone else with a different shape but I can usually spot a Dutch Touch skin when I see it. With only so many skin and shape vendors out there and everyone kind of shopping at the same place, what has someone like Mui Mukerji done to get her unique look?

I am putting a link to the article in case you are interested in reading it.

Oh Yea...."Discuss amongst yourselves!"


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Deep Thoughts

Does anyone remember that skit from Saturday Night Live? Anyway, as I sit here watching a battle scene from the movie Troy, my thoughts drift toward SL and working in SL. LOL! Just kidding!

But really, I was surprised by Cen's poll that most people use their credit card in SL and only 6% worked in SL. I have actually had a few jobs in SL. I was a receptionist, a non-exotic dancer, hostess and a stage manager. One thing I have learned about SL is that employment could be here one day and gone the next. At my first job, as a receptionist, the owner broke her wrist in RL and could no longer get on a computer. That was in December and I haven't seen her since.

Another thing about employment in SL, is that it is fun and great at first and then guess what? It starts to feel like a job....just like in RL! It becomes mundane and you don't always feel like logging on to do it but I keep on doing it to support my clothes, hair and skin addiction and to pay the rent! Oh yea, and just like in RL the communication between management and the employees usually really sucks!

Even though I think of SL as a game, I do try to treat my SL jobs seriously. I still work as a hostess at Blue Fusion and I do log in on time and work my shift. If I need time off, I do give a two weeks notice, etc. I guess, some people may find that silly but Blue Fusion does pay me well plus tips and I know the management and DJs and artists do depend on the hostesses to be there.

Even though I will be leaving Blue Fusion in a few weeks due to RL changes and I will be losing that SL income, I am kind of looking forward to it. As I said earlier, it has been feeling like a RL job for some time now.

As far as my apt issue, I will be joining that other high percentage of people who use their credit cards in SL. I figure $10-$15 USD a month to keep my apt and have some shopping and tipping money should be enough to fund my SL hobby. The way I look at it is that SL is a hobby and that is not very much to support a hobby. If I was in to crafts or sports, my monthly hobby expenses would be a lot more than that.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Discuss Amongst Yourselves--Coffee Talk!

Remember that skit on Saturday Night Live with Mike Myers?

Anyway, we are spending the day with the kiddo today so I won't have much to blog but I do have a topic for discussion. It is something that I have been thinking about.

What would make you leave SL? Drama, RL, Boredom, etc? Have you already left SL for a significant amount of time? Do you have friends that left SL permanently?

I'm not thinking about leaving SL. I'm just curious about what others might think.

Have a good day everyone!

Friday, June 20, 2008

A Mess of a Dress and Another WTF!

Last night I saw on of the freebie blogs that GiGi Couture had a really nice freebie dress for free or a dollarbie. I don't remember. Anyway, I went and got it. While I was there, I saw a really cute purple summer dress that would be similar to something that I would like to wear in RL. It was a $150L and I bought it. Anway, I put it on and to my dismay it is a mess of a dress and came with no underpants! Let me show you...and I did do some editing to the dress too but it didn't fix the issues.

On a lighter note, here is another WTF pic! This has to be a dude who is a girl in SL because I can't believe any RL woman would make her boobs look like this!

Not A Lot To Say Today

Ok, I don' t have much to say today but I don't want to lose my fan base by not posting one day! LOL! You know blogging is so competitive out there! LOL!

Anyway, I am doing that alphabet thing that Cen did the other day.

A Apple
B Butt
C Crack
D Dog
E Eat
F Frank
G Gay
H High
I Ice
J Joke
K Kill
L Love
M Mom
N Nasty
O O, O , O
P Phew
Q Quirky
R Rusty
S Sam
T Tobe (even a word?)
U Umbrella
V Victory
W Win
X Xyclope ( even a word?)
Z Zebra

There you go from my random sick and boring mind. I actually had to go back because I missed a few letters! I guess, I am not as smart as a fifth grader after all!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Viper Party Pics!

Great party again last night Ali and Cen! I have some quick photos of me and Nikki as before and after shots. Nikki is the young hot chick and I am the old not hot chick!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bored at Work..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

So I worked last night at Blue Fusion and it was so slow and very dull! I switched from the early shift to the late shift and that was a mistake. I now work from 7:30pm to 10pm. I am usually in bed by 9pm so it was hard to stay awake that last hour. Plus they play slow romantic music on Tuesday nights so zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Anyway, I tooks some pics just to kill some time while I was there.

This is what happens when the feed doesn't work. We all stand around looking at each other not knowing what to do???

I don't think these two even realized there was no music!

This is me thinking "Crap, 90 minutes to go!" Do I look pissed? Because I was in RL!

Hanging with Bon

Usually when I am in SL, I am working, shopping or working on my inventory. I really never hang with anyone in SL. So it was nice the other night when I stopped by the Viper Pit to see Bon just hanging out too.

Anyway, I took him to one of my favorite spots, Utopia. We just hung out there for about an hour and I thought I would share some pics.

Bon cutting a rug! Believe it or not that is not Alicia next to him! LOL!

Dancing, Dancing, Dancing! We're a dancing machine!

Monday, June 16, 2008

To See or Not to See in SL? That is the Question.

So Cen brought up meeting SL friends in RL. I mentioned that one thing that I really don't like to see in SL is people's RL pics in their profile. Now I have never had anyone send me a picture and I have never asked for one either. However, I can be nosey so I look on the 1st Life tab in their profile just to see what they say and sometimes I see a picture.

Now, I know we all don't look like our avatars in RL. However, seeing an RL pic of that avatar just ruins it for me but I can't say why exactly.

But this is one reason you will never see my RL pic in my profile.
Take a look at the pic below. Now I don't look anything like that in RL but I wish I looked like that in RL! When I see my avatar looking like that, I think "Wow! She (or I) looks like some kick ass hot Harley biker chick who could play guitar in a Heavy Metal band!" "She looks like she could not give a f*#* what anyone thinks about her with all of her tattoos and killer hair! She is probably spontaneous and a risk taker, etc., etc." You get the picture.

See, she is everything I am not and that I wish I was outside and inside. So to me SL is a way to live vicariously through my avatar. I guess, I hope that when other avatars see me looking like that they think the same things I do. If they were to see my RL pic in my profile, they would probably think "Oh, she looks like she works a 8-5 job as an administrative assistant who probably drives a mini van" LOL! Some of those things are true and some are not. LOL!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Squatting In SL

So, as you may have read from my previous post, my husband and I will be adopting soon in RL. This means that I will have to quit my SL job in about a month and leave my SL apt too. So I will be SL homeless. My first thought was just to live on Noob Island when I needed a place to hang out and change, etc.

Then it occured to me...why not become a SL squatter? I know, tacky...huh? Now be honest with your opionions here about this. See, I found a place with a treehouse demo or model. It is fully furnished and I can open up boxes there and drop a pose stand down and it is really cute. The teleporter works and the blinds, etc. No one is ever around in 96m according to my Mysti Tool so I thought why not?? I can't put my own furniture there or anything but again...I am just looking for a private place to change most of the time. So what do you think? Is this tacky? Am I taking advantage of someone or something? Just to be one lives there. It is just a place that is advertising a model.

I know, I know...I have more important RL things to be concerned about at this time than where I am going to live in SL. Believe me, I do feel like crap about that especially with world hunger and gas prices that I am even letting this concern me!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Ok, there I was minding my own business hoping to win the Best in Black contest and this came walking in! All, I can say is WTF! Does he really think this looks good or sexy or that people will vote for him?

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Last Day of The Challenge

So on this very last day Ali's questions is "What did you get out of this whole experience? Do you think this will change how you blog in the future?"

What I got out of this whole experience, is a chance to express myself and give some opinions and views. I was really, really happy when I made people laugh with my blog...especially if they left me comments like Cen did.

I also got the chance to know other people a little better too by reading their blogs.

As far as how it will change my blog..hmmmm? Well, I like writing stuff that makes people laugh like the pancakes and the camel toe issue so I hope to keep writing like that. I actually have a few ideas in mind already...soo keep reading folks!

On a personal RL note, my husband and I recently got selected to adopt an 8 year old boy. We have been waiting to adopt for a year and 1/2 now. So that is going to be changing my RL life a lot! It will also change my SL life too. I will have to leave my SL job here soon and be SL homeless and my time spent on here will be minimal. I am thinking that when I have time I may do a blog about the lives and adventures of living on Noob Island again since it is free!

With that being said all the RL and SL changes will all be worth it! :-)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The SL Camel Toe

Today Alicia's topic was to talk about whatever we felt was important. So my topic of choice was the SL Camel Toe. LET ME WARN YOU SOME PICTURES IN THIS POST MAY BE OFFENSIVE TO SOME! CROTCH SHOT down below! Now, if you don't know what a camel toe is beyond the obvious actual camel toe, well I just don't have time to explain it to you here.

The first time I put on some cute little hot pant shorts, I thought my avatar was too big in a certain area and I tried to make adjustments. That didn't work and then I noticed on various fashion blogs that the SL camel toe is a pretty common thing when wearing hot pants, lingerie, underwear or bikinis.

I guess my whole point to this is "Why?" It looks so unflattering in RL and it looks just as bad in SL. I mean come on! If you take a look at the SL pic I am putting up, that just looks like it would be very painful!

Just to do a comparison of camel toes, I took a picture of an acutal camel toe and an SL avatar camel toe. You all are just lucky that I did not post a picture of an actual RL camel toe and not the one that comes from the animal either!

Me and a couple of camels discussing our toes.

The real camel toe!

The SL camel toe! Ouch! This picture may not do it justice.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Change Of Weather in SL?

I am back at work today so my post is going to be quick and dirty since I need to do it during my lunch hour.

Alicia asked "Do you think it would be fun if we had random weather hit us in SL, like thunderstorms or blizzards?"

My answer is "Yes!" I think it would give some good variety to the day and a chance to wear different outfits! As if I didn't already change my clothes a billion times a day in SL. "Hello, my name is Terri Zhangsun and I change my clothes a billion times a day in SL. I am a clothes changing addict. Thank you!"

Oh, and just to add something visual to this post. I leave you with a pic of me and my SL dog. He looks just like my RL one if you take a peek at my profile.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Where Do You Meet People In SL?

Alicia's question of the day is "How hard do you think it is to find a relationship in SL? Where are people meeting each other?"

Well, as far as meeting someone to partner up with. I don't know and I am not interested since I am married in RL. Even though my RL husband never uses his avatar in SL, I still have us partnered up.

As far as friends go, the people I have met have been co-workers and people I have met at Utopia. However, I can't say that I have any real friendships in SL like Alicia and Cen. I think that is pretty cool that they met in SL and have developed such a bond. Most of my relationships are pretty much just at an acquaintance level in SL.

But even though I have no one in SL to share experiences with on a daily or hourly basis...LOL! I still manage to enjoy myself!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Me Not Feel So Good!

So before heading out for a busy day in SL, I thought it would be a good idea to power up on a good breakfast! So I sat on a stick of butter to contemplate the task ahead of me of eating a huge stack of pancakes!!

Unfortunatly, I never did make it shopping because as you can see, well, I wound up not feeling too good!!

Good old bathroom humor!! You can never go wrong with that! I know, I know I'm sick!