Friday, March 19, 2010

Fan Girling Zaara

Admit it...we all have someone in SL that we fan girl or fan boy. It could be a clothing, hair or furniture designer or maybe it is even a blogger but we all do it.

I would have to say the person that I have fan girled for the longest time is Zaara. Ever since I saw her little corner shop on a middle eastern SIM, I have loved her clothes and textures and she is a really nice person!

So, I decided to go to her main store on her own SIM to show her that I am her #1 fan!

I figured offering to have her babies was the best way to show my devotion. I mean who wouldn't be flattered by having someone stand in front of your shop with a sign like that? I knew it would only be a matter of time before she had to show up for work, right?

OMG, OMG! There she is! I knew she would show up today!

" Zaara, Zaara! It's me Terri, Terri Zhangsun! Your BFF, your Amiga...wait...don't run!"

Oh no! The standing in the hot sun for hours and the excitement must have gotten to me because I feel woozy!

OMG! How embarrassing I fainted in front of her!

Strange thing happened...I guess there is something called a restraining order on me because I was warned to keep my distance. I think that is a mistake though and must be for that Terri Zhangsun with the one "R" in her name and not me with the two "Rs". That's OK because I'll call her at home or work or on her cell or show up tomorrow at the shop or stop by her house to get it straightened out!

The great Fan Girl AO and sign that I used is from ANA_Mations

Other Credits:
Tuli Hope Skin
I Love Olive Lulu Hair
Zaara FreeSpirit Blue Dress
Zaara Melange Bangles and Earrings in Blue

Saturday, March 13, 2010

SySy's Papillon Dresses

These pretty dresses from SySy's have been in my inventory for awhile but, well, you know how that goes!

I really wanted to blog these because I think the colors are so pretty and are perfect for the spring season and the Emerald one would be perfect for St. Patrick's day. I could see myself wearing the other shades on Easter Sunday.

I love the butterfly and flower pattern on the skirt but what I loved the most is that the skirt fit me perfectly! I didn't have to do any repositioning or stretching to get it to fit my waist!

SySy also just put down her new store and it looks amazing! There is a lot to see at SySy's so get down there and check things out!

Other Credits:
Dernier Cri Cheryl Hair in Brown Shades
Exodi Stephanie Panacek No. 9 Skin
Storin Standing Classy Pose

Friday, March 12, 2010

Window To Your Soul Pose Set

I love pose props! They make taking pictures fun and easy!

Pulling Strings just recently released the Window To Your Soul Pose Set and it is a great prop for capturing those moments when you may just be sitting at the window and gazing out, thinking or just having fun.

This prop has that great texturing that we have come to love from Elle Kirshner and her great original poses! Is there nothing this woman can't do? The prop comes with five adjustable poses so get down to Pulling Strings and pick one up!

Other credits:
I Love Olive Emma Hair in Light Brown
Tuli Sweet Vintage Top Little Angel
Tuli Hope Skin Natural
Emjay Ripped Capris Medium

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just Because I'm Vain!

Sometimes people say that bloggers are vain people who just like to take pictures of themselves looking pretty and then plaster them all over the feeds. Well, I'm going to be upfront about it in this post and say that is why I am putting these pictures out there.

I had no intention of doing another post for another week but I was screwing around at the NotsoBad SIM, took some pictures, played with them in Picnik and was happy with the results. I'm no photographer or photoshop master but I try to do the best I can with what I know. So I hope you enjoy! I know I am as I stare at them for the 100th time and hum the song
"Your So Vain" to myself from Carly Simon.

Dutch Touch Dune Skin in Carmel
Cake Dakota Chestnut Hair
Mashooka Kay Jewelry in Brown
Mashooka Nisha Gharara in Copper

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Elymode Sale This Weekend!

There are a lot of clothing designers in SL that I love! However, the ones that make it to the top of my list are the ones that make clothes that I would love to buy in RL. Elysium Eilde is one of those designers. I love the color selection and the textures of her clothes and the ability to mix and match pieces.

Elymode is having a sale this weekend on random items marked off 30 to 50%. These items have little stars on the vendors. Below are some of the items that I purchased but there are a lot more to choose from so get down there! The sale is only for this weekend!

Wearing the Denim Wrap Shirt in Green with the Soft Denim Skirt in Black. Muy sexy!

Wearing the Leafy Tank in Light Grey and the Wrapped Tank in Black.

Wearing the Blue/Green Bodysuit with the Angle Waist Skirt in Green. Also, the Angled Short Tank in Plum with the Long Simple Skirt in Blue.

Other Credits:

All poses from Glitterati Model Pose Pack
Dutch Touch Group Skin Gift (no longer available)
Cake Dakota Hair in Chestnut in picture one
I Love Olive Lulu Hair in Black in collage one
Ali & Ali Darla Hair in Chocolate in collage two
Photos taken in the MudHoney Spring Gazebo.