Thursday, October 29, 2009

Loving Artilleri!

My RL is pretty busy right now so this will be a brief post. Artilleri recently came out with some new sexy skirts and cute cardigans that look amazing together or worn separately!

The style of these cardigans and skirts are timeless and is something that I would love to wear in RL too but, unfortunately, my RL would not look as good in them. The cardigans come with a polka dot version and a solid color version.

So get down there and pick these up! You know you want to!

Artilleri Tiffany Skirt in Gray and Elspeth Cardigan in Black Polka
Truth Amanda Hair in Chocolate
Belleza Jesse Sunkiss skin with cleavage
Otaku Designs Sugar Skulls and Roses Tattoo in Black and White
Flirt Fragile Disc Earings
Exodi Teal Large Eyes
Soulfire Titanium Nose Ring with Beauty Marks (no longer available)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Free Speerit Katherine and Ingenue Gene Dress

I wear the Free Speerit Kimberly skin alot! As a matter of fact, it is the skin I use in my profile pic so I was excited to see the Katherine skin being released with a beauty mark on it. I no longer have to wear my separate beauty mark prim to get the effect that I want. The Katherine skin does come with various eyebrow options and you can even tint the beauty mark.

I thought the Glamour version of the skin would go perfectly with Ingenue's new release dress Gene in the Red Hots color. This dress is hot and sexy and the textures are beautifully done! This dress come in four colors to choose from Emerald, Noir (black), Red Hot and The Blues.

I love the bow on this dress!

You will look hot coming and going in this dress! Remember that this is a system skirt, so you will need to wear your skirt shape for it and adjust your shape to your liking.

Also, Ingenue is have a a 50% sale off of select items and there are some very lovely items marked off.

Free Speerit Katherine skin in Glamour (Review copy)
Truth Hair in Evie Chocolate
Ingenue Gene Dress in Red Hots (Review copy)
Exodi Earth Eyes in Large
Poses: Pic one pose LAP Quiet Glance; Pic two pose Ammaci 12 Stand Female Poses; Pic three LAP Up Against It.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Decorating with Second Spaces

I'm not much into decorating for Halloween in RL and SL but when Elle Kirshner from Second Spaces dropped her Halloween items on me, I got busy setting them up around my pad.

The Trick or Treat banner, the haunted house and the little pumpkin set are perfect to greet visitors at the front door.

Check out this little haunted house! The details in it are great! It has a little floating ghost in the upstairs window and little lights coming out of the top of it. You can't see it in the picture but there is even a spider web on it.

If I'm going to put out Halloween decorations, I like for it to still have style and fit in with my decor. I don't like the really gory and scary stuff. This picture was perfect to decorate the house with. You look at it and think "How pretty it has trees in it" and then you look closer and "Whoa! There are blood splatters all over it...what the hell happened here!"

Halloween is only a few days away! If you haven't decorated yet, then you need to get to Second Spaces to pick up your stuff! You can catch this slurl at

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Elizabeth Is Enjoying MudHoney

When Blowpop dropped their new Elizabeth skins on the iheartsl blogger group, I was wondering where would be a good place to take some pictures with this skin?

Well, Rayvn Hynes answered my question by dropping her new MudHoney Shabby Girl Photoble on me. I have raved about the photobles before on this blog here and here and I love this one just as much! How much easier can it get to take pictures? You drop the photoble on the ground, rez it with a click and an instant room is ready to go.

This photoble is a feminine shabby chic bedroom. The chair has five poses, the bed has 11 poses and the hat boxes have one pose.

I know you all have busy RL and SL lives so get down there to MudHoney and pick one of these up or pick up all three...they will make your life three times easier!

Blowpop N2 Elizabeth tone D Absynthe skin
Soulfire Titanium Nose Ring with beauty marks (no longer available)
Lamb Dog Roses Hair in Butterfinger
SySy Celiedress top in Green
Emjay Ripped Capris in Medium
MudHoney Shabby Girl Photoble

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Feeling Jazzy!

You know how it is. You are home alone and a good song comes on the radio and the next thing you know you are on the bed dancing and singing to your favorite tune!

I picked up the Jazz Hands Pose set from the LAP 50% off sale and the cute hair with pin curls in it from the Tiny Bird 50% sale.

Oh, and those are bunny slippers that I am wearing and I am not stepping on actual bunnies. I bunnies were harmed in this photo shoot!


Cupcakes Enchanted Sienna Golden Skin

Tiny Bird New Soul II Hair in Chocolate

Long Awkard Pose Jazz Hands Pose Set

Milk Motion Silver Bird Loose Shirt

LVS&Co Bunny Slippers (Not sure if still available because they came from a hunt)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Red Queen SLexchange Special and Group Gift

I have mentioned before my love of Red Queen on this blog and so here is another post about Red Queen and there will probably be many more. Right now on SLexchange you can get the [rQ] SLOTH @ SHAPE (Shape,SUN Skin & Hair included) for only $350. This usually runs for $1400 in the store. The shape I am using in the pictures below is my own and not the shape that is included.

There is also a new skin called Gluttony and there is a group gift of the skin. You can search for Red Queen and it is the third one listed. I am also wearing in the pictures below the Red Queen Hush Onyx hair and Red Queen kitten ears and kitten tail.


Pictures 1-4: Red Queen Sloth shape (shape not shown in pictures), skin and hair included at or try on a demo at Red Queen; Snatch The Fishnet Collection outfit; Storm Schmooz Overknee Black Leather Boots.

Pictures 5 & 6: Red Queen Gluttony Skin (group gift); Red Queen Hush Onyx Hair; Red Queen Ears and Kitten Tail; Soulfire Titanium nose ring with beauty mark (no longer available); Eponym Fragile Eyes (free); Crimson Shadow Latex Catsuit (no longer available).

Poses in pictures 1& 2: Pffiou! Queen of Emo
Poses in pictures 3 & 4; ImpeEle Katana
Pose in picture 5; Storin Self Confidence
Pose in picture 6; Storin Attitude

Urban background in pictures 5 & 6 courtesty of Ylva Korhonen, manager of Club Mutation.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Luck Inc. Petite Dress

Luck Inc. has come out with a hot and sexy dress that is not for the shy! It is the perfect little dress to wear out on the town. I picked the Eggplant dress to show because it went perfectly with my Kanival Heart of Violet tattoo.

Yup, that is some booty that you see peeking out from under that dress! I told you the dress was not for the shy!

The front view of the dress.

So have plans to go clubbing this weekend or have a hot SL date...then go get this dress! It comes in a variety of colors for you too choose from or ,hell, pick up a fat pack!

Credits: Luck Inc. Petite Eggplant Dress (received via the iheartsl bloggers group); Kanival Heart of Violet Tattoo; Truth Trisha Hairin Brownie; Exodi Lily Cedar Frosted; Mudhoney Glam Girl Photoble

Aimesi Skins

Aimesi Skins was kind enough to drop off a pack of skins to the iheartsl bloggers group and I wanted to show you some of my favorite ones in the pack.

First Row: Drama Cashmere Face3, Amely Sambuca Face1, Amely Cacao Face2

Second Row: Skin Drama Silver Face1, Drama Sugar Face3, Jezzy Sunface2

Third Pictures: My favorite one of all is the Jezzy Sunface2 skin.

Aimesi also has a couple of lucky chairs out in her shop with some of her skins as the prize. You can catch this slurl to her shop at

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Neighbor's Place

I love it when my neighbors have beautiful homes that I can crash when they are not around to take pictures. I crashed CT Xue's place the other night but I don't think he will mind because I am guessing he does not read the fashion feeds so what he doesn't know won't hurt him! LOL!

Credits: Poetic Colors Eyes in Liquid Amber; Cake Bedroom Lashes; paper.doll Stella Hair in Carmel; Aimesi Skin Jezzy Sun Face 2 (received via the iheart's Bloggers Group);Emjay Sash Top Beige; Zaara's Jeans Blue Classic;Decoy Jully Boots in Cocoa

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Zombiefest Pics

I should have posted these pics in my last post but I failed. Here are some pictures I snapped while visiting Zombiefest.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Halloween Skin Pictures

When I saw the Baking Cupcakes blog post these free Halloween Skins by Nuuna Nitely, I picked up the pack and set out to take some pictures with them.

Looking for a hot date in the graveyard!

Even a witch has to get ready for a night out on the town.

Nuuna's Skins Free Halloween Skins

Analog Dog Cafe Hair in picture one

Rockberry Free Vamp Costume in picture one

Church of Luxe Black Lingerie in picture two

Tiny Bird Gattina Hair in picture two

Persona Free Lipstick pose in picture two

Saturday, October 10, 2009

More MudHoney Photobles

Just a quick post before I go to bed.....

I knew that MudHoney was coming out with her Glam Girl Photoble on Friday but when I saw that she also came out with another one called Harvest Hideway, I headed straight over there to pick it up. This one has a fall country feel to it and it has five menu driven poses in it. Just rez it and it is all set up and ready for you to start taking your pictures!

  • Mudhoney Harvest Hideway Photoble
  • Aimesi Elena Skin
  • Cake Faith Chestnut Hair
  • Snatch Kick Ass Hat Rattler (not sure if this is still available. I think it was a group gift or freebie and I have had it for over a year)
  • Last Call Yelena shorts (no longer available)
  • Slink Jane Cowboy Boots Jane Signature Series Eagle
  • Chikka Designs Cowgirl Pink Shirt (could not find location)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

MudHoney Glam Girl Photobles

MudHoney is coming out with this really cool and helpful photoble for bloggers, photographers and anyone who likes to take pictures can use. I don't have enough prims or time on my hands to either always change up my home to take various pictures or cruise around the grid looking for that perfect spot.

Sooooo...problem solved. I now have this photoble that I can drop down in a nice quiet sandbox, rez it and the whole room is instantly set up for me to take pictures using the Rez-Faux system.

You have 11 beautiful texture choices for the walls; however, I'm only showing four below so that this post is not too picture heavy.

The chair comes with 10 menu driven poses and there are a variety of leaning, laying and sitting poses to choose from. I took some pictures of my new Pixel Mode Danielle pink knee length boots in it.

Since it is breast cancer awareness month, Picnik put this cool pink tint and banner to add to photos.

The photoble goes on sale this Friday, October 9th at Mudhoney so check it out along with Rayvn's other great furniture and prefabs at

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Craving Cake!

I didn't realize Cake came out with new hair until I started seeing it in a few fashion posts. I wasn't even sure if it was new or not but I headed over there to check it out and Woo Hoo! New hair at Cake! Three new styles are out but I only picked this one up due to a low Linden balance of too much shopping over the weekend. The one I picked is the Dakota style in Chestnut. IMHO Cake has the best wavy and curly textures out there. The textures look silky and if you could touch it, you could feel how soft it would be in your fingers.

Got a craving for cake too? Then satisfy it by heading over to:

Items worn:
Rockberry Uma Skin
Miriel eyes in Honey (no longer available)
Soulfire Gold nose ring with beauty marks (no longer available)
Cake Bedroom Lashes

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Club Mutation

Well, In addition to shopping in SL, I have been hitting up various clubs. The other night in plurk, Faedra Allen, mentioned she was djing at Club Mutation so I thought I would check it out.

So I went and and met some very cool people there. I met Dinalya Dawes, Harpfairy Kas, Faedra Allen, Kerra Nightfire, Squeak Tomsen and Ylva Korhonen.

Everyone busting a move!

It was animal print night so I wore my zebra print dress from Artileri.

Ylva striking a sexy pose in her body suit by Snatch.

Check them out at or join their group by searching for Pulse Nation. Fae dj's every Friday and Saturday from 7pm to 9pm but they have other events throughout the week.