Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nymphetamine La Roche Tease Set

Paeoti Pomeray dropped on me one of her latest lingerie releases from her shop Nymphetamine. Like the other items that I have seen from Nymphetamine, the La Roche Tease Set is beautifully textured and also has the gray scale option so you can tint the ribbon on the bra and panties different colors. There are also optional bow attachments for the chest and hips that can be color tinted so you get many color choices for the price of one! The pictures below do not show the bows.

This was a great opportunity to use one of my Sissi pearl poses from Glitterati

I'm posing in front of the Barnesworth Anubis Romance Gazebo. One of the items from this weekend's Spruce Up Your Space.

Other credits:
Rockberry Uma Skin
Noveau Miranda The Class Act Hair in Dark Brown

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Great Wall of China

I went exploring the Great Wall of China sim the other night and it is a really cool place with a lot of things to see. It's a great place to take some landscape shots and I could see it being used to take fashion shots too. It also gave me a chance to use my camera poses and camera prop from PhotoGraphique Photography Equipment.

Waiting for the perfect lighting to take my shot!

Say Cheese!

There was a squirrel AV with a huge penis flying to the right of me but I cut him out of the picture!

That's exactly how I would imagine boats on the bay looking in the morning with some fog.

Ok, my one fashion shot so you can see what I'm wearing.

Other credits:
Tuli Hope Skin in Natural Eloise in Cranky Brown
Gbberish Dark Maiden Tee
Storin Sam Hip Bag
High Fidelity Pose in last picture

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Seedy 70's Home

I love the 70's! I know a lot of people think of bad music, hair and fashion for that decade but I love it! I explored Summerland last night which is a 70's style sim and I enjoyed going to the drive in and rollerskating rink. However, what I really liked was the Seedy 70's home that they have for sale there.

If you are looking for a way to bring some of that retro 70's style type of living into your SL life, then this is a must have!

Looks like the Brady Bunch could live here.

I grew up with cabinets exactly like that! Check out the avocado green appliances!

The living room set. The cubes you see are the pose balls or squares.

Love this console tv and the stereo system....the memories! The beads in the doorway lead into the bedroom.

I guess the 70's wouldn't be complete without acknowledging the Swinging 70's and the movie cam in the bedroom completes the look!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

MudHoney Rouge Getaway Photoble

Normally, I don't do blog posts with couple's pictures because it is a pain to get my craptop out to pull up my male alt in SL. However, I didn't feel that I could do the new Rouge Getaway Photoble justice without showing the couple poses that are available.

As always, MudHoney has created another great photoble with beautiful textures, details and the easy rezzing system for all of your picture taking and blogging needs!

What I really fell in love with is that when I was taking my pictures, a story line started to take place. As you will see below, just imagine how the story unfolds.

Valentine's day is just around the corner so stop by MudHoney and pick up one of these!

Other Credits on her:
FreeSpeerit Fiona Skin
Analog Dog Delora Hair in Darks
Nyte 'N' Day Valentines 2010 Lingerie (free)
Last Call Boardroom Barracuda (no longer available but a classic)
Other credits on him:
Musashi-Do Milano by Night Suite
LeLutka Congo Dark Skin

Friday, February 5, 2010

Shag Has Got Your Back For Valentine's Day

If you have been wondering how to decorate your pad for Valentine's Day, don't worry because Shag has got your back! If you have been wondering how to show that special someone that you care, again, don't worry because Shag has got your back!

Whether you want to go ALL out and decorate you home in the full spirit of Valentine's day or just pick up a few items, Shag has something for everyone.

Shyayn redid the Disco Shit Living Room set and made it more geared for Valentine's Day. It's still the same great textures, animations and set of furniture but just redone in reds, whites and pinks.

The picture frame above the couch is actually a rotating slide show where you can put all your special pictures to show your significant other that you care.

The candles are not part of the set but can be purchased separately.

This is just the front of the store! You should check out all of the Valentine's stuff in the store and there is even some in the lake!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nymphetamine Cha'Tulio Corset and Stocking Set

I know that every other blog post on the feeds right now is lingerie, lingerie and more lingerie with it being so close to Valentines. So I figure, if I can't beat them then I might as well join them!

This lovely but hot little number is the Cha'Tulio Corset and Stocking Set from Nymphetamine. As you can see it is sexy but bold and since I'm shy, I am keeping the girls covered in my post.

I love the pattern and the bows on this set and I also love the fact that the set is grey scale so you can tint it to a color you like. No need to buy a fat pack and clog up your over bloated inventory!

If you have never been to Nymphetamine's shop, I would recommend checking it out there are a lot of beautiful and unique dresses, outfits and lingerie sets!

Other Credits:
Dernier Cri Cheryl Brown hair
Belleza Belle Medium Amethyst Kisses skin
Storin Teaser Soul Poses

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Elymode Love

I love these new releases from Elymode! This week, Elysium Eilde, put out the Shorties Jumper, Slouchy Leggings and the Short Sweaters in pretty pastel colors.

I'm only showing two options on how you can wear these but with the many layers that are offered you can wear them in a variety of ways and if you buy the fat packs, well, the mixing and matching of layers and colors is endless!

Even if I am casual, I still like to look cute and these outfits are perfect for those days when you are just hanging out with friends.

Hanging out with Harold and Maude....the two love birds!

Porky and Petunia were too busy whispering sweet nothings in each other's ears that they didn't even notice how cute I looked in my new outfit!

Other Credits:
Tuli Hope Sunkissed Natural
I Love Olive Betty Hair in Mocha
ETD Demi Trainers in White
Glitterati Cute Poses