Sunday, January 31, 2010

Little Pricks and Skin Deep

Last night I got an IM from a friend to go check out a new store, Little Pricks and Skin Deep, on the grid that was starting to grow in popularity. So I tp'd over there and I can see why word is getting out about this store.

The store falls in the goth, neko, grunge type of genre and there are skins, tattoos, jewelry, textures, trees and prefabs to purchase. I really liked what I saw and wanted to help spread the word.

I love the coloring and the markings on the skins and the tummy piercings are perfect to wear with revealing tops. The markings in the second picture are actually a tattoo. Thanks to Ylva Korhonen for modeling and taking the following two pictures for me.
[Skin Deep] - Elementals-Smoke:Little Pricks: Sexy Tummy Piercing

[Skin Deep] Porcelain Kiss Pale Skin:Little Pricks: Titty Tape:Little Pricks: Cyborg tattoo:Little Pricks: Sexy Tummy Piercing

There are a variety of prefabs to choose from and a rezzing platform to check them out. My favorite one out of all of them was the d.D Casa de Dicha. The original texture work is beautiful and I found the fireplace stunning that is on the first floor.

The Glitter tree is just one of the few landscaping items for sale and there is also a lucky chair with the Crime Scene skin and a Midnight Mania board with a Screamer Tube Top.

My favorite thing of all that I just fell in love with are The Jaded Emo Line Necklaces! This is something I had to pick up for, love, love!

So if you are looking for a new store to check out and get excited about, then I would seriously recommend stopping by Little Pricks and Skin Deep and checking their stuff out!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Ingenue Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes

Betty Doyle, the talented designer behind Ingenue, is now taking her skills and making shoes for us! As if, beautiful clothing and hair was not we get shoes!

I received a sample of her releases and I love them! The shoes in the first collage are the Dianthus. A cute flat shoe with a pointed toe and ruffle on top. I usually don't like orangy type of colors but I really like the Tangerine ones in the upper right corner and will have to find something in my inventory to go with them.

The cute ballerina flats with the little bow are the Audrei.

My favorite shoes of all out of her releases are the Lilium. So cute with the little bow on top and the colors are delicious! The pair I am showing below are currently in the Shoes and Accessories Hunt. You need to find the pink Dr. Marten shoes and they are yours! Check out all of the other pretty colors on display and buy, buy, buy!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Glitterati Gives Me Head!

Shots...that is! LOL...I thought that title might get your attention.

Anyway, to make this post short and sweet. Glitterati is coming out with an awesome pack of headshot poses tomorrow on January 28th at SL midnight time for the SL Daily Deals and you must get it! There are only 1000 packs available and then they will not be available again!

I am only showing eight poses out of ten in the pack that are available but this should give you an idea on how versatile these poses are! They would be great for jewelry and hair ads.

She does have them out in her shop now so you can demo them and then just park yourself there because you don't want to miss out on these!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Spring is in the Air with MudHoney

MudHoney is bringing spring to us early with the latest release of the Spring Gazebo. I know a lot of people are getting tired of winter in your neck of the woods so why not start enjoying spring in SL with your friends and loved ones!

The Spring Gazebo comes with EVERYTHING you see in the pictures and is packed with animations. Unfortunately, I'm a single gal so you only get to see me in the pictures.

I love the picture frames with shadows and the paper lanterns. Each chair also has sit poses.

The lounger has a ton of single, couples and friends poses in it. See that tree there? It is part of the texture and not a separate tree! Love it!

Ok, I know this isn't a photoable but it has the same type of rezzing system. You just drop the rez box and everything automatically gets set up for you so this gazebo is great to use for those fashion shots too!

Other Credits:
Dutch Touch Jolie Skin (group gift no longer available)
Magika Sinner Hair in Brown
astraia (formerly .hc&co) Spring Sweater in Purple and Pink Plaid Shorts

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ingenue Japonica and Magika Darling

I was going through my inventory and found these great rose poses that Sai Pennell had as a pick reward about a year sorry folks they are no longer available! I know, I know...I'm terrible to tease you like that! But she has a lot of other great stuff in her shop ImpEle so check it out!

Anyway, I put this look together to go with the rose poses and snapped some pictures to share.

I'm wearing a fairly new release from Ingenue the Japonica in Rouge (I'm behind in my blogging). Another beautiful system skirt dress with a pretty gold satin flower for your waist.

The hair I am wearing is a new release from Magika. It is the Darling updo in brown. The style has a great sultry sidesweep at the bangs and the bun in the back is delicately layered and put in place with bobby pins. Unfortunately, you can't see the bun that well in my pictures so I guess you will have to go try a demo and see for yourself. :-)

I thought wearing Rockberry's Uma skin made the look complete!

Other Credits:
Illusions Rose
Storin System Skirt poses in the 2nd collage
Molto Bene B&W Parlor Skybox for photo shoot

Friday, January 15, 2010

Abode Homes Grand Re-Opening Sale

If you are like me, you change your home on a pretty regular basis. If it is time for you to change yours, then you want to check out the Grand Re-Opening of Abode this weekend.

This great home, The Sephia Lake House, will be there for sale for the first 48 hours starting Saturday for only $500! This beautiful retreat away from your RL and SL could be yours! It is 200 prims and fits on a 4098 lot. It has two bedrooms, two decks and a fireplace. It also has an easy rez system to get things set up.

So stop by there Saturday and check this home out and start planning out how you are going to arrange your furniture in your new home!

Oh, don't forget to hit that subscriber because Abode plans on having alot of new releases coming up and when there are new releases, they will always be on don't miss out!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hucci Diamond Corset in Red

Eboni Khan the creator behind Hucci recently dropped some lingerie on me and I picked my favorite out of the bunch to take pictures of. I also thought it would go great with trying out the Mein Herr Chair that I got from Reel Expressions.

This pretty red lingerie set with the diamond detailing is the perfect set to wear for Valentine's day for that special someone. It's sexy, classy and feminine! You can pick it up at her shop for $350 and it is available in red, black, purple and blue.

Other credits:
Rockberry Uma Skin in Natural
Magika Aurora Brown Hair

Monday, January 11, 2010

La'Licious is Delicious!

Ha! The title rhymes! I'm not sure how long La'Licious Designs and Furniture has been in business but there are some really great furniture sets, skyboxes and accessories there.

The furniture inventory is small right now but I'm sure as word gets out about La'Licious, the inventory and shop will keep growing and growing!

The style seems to be shabby, country and cottagey ( I know that is not a real word).

Below are the some of the accessories that are available for your home and my favorite item is the old tub with plants inside of it. Perfect to put out on your front porch!

La'Licious also sells a variety of skyboxes with prims ranging in the 20s into the 50s. They are called the Lyrical Skyboxes because they were inspired by different songs. For example, one is called Glycerine inspired by Bush, another one is called Yellow inspired by get the picture. I thought that was a very creative idea.

Below are two of the living room sets available out of the four in the shop. There is also a nice country kitchen available.

The French Country Living Room

The Cantebury Living Room

If you stop by the shop, be sure to join the subscriber to keep updated with all the new releases and any gifts. It won't take up one of your group slots. Also, in the middle of the shop by the accessories, there is a lucky board with some cute shabby chic items.

MudHoney Glam Dressing Room Photoble

MudHoney has come out with another great photoble to meet all your blogging and picture taking needs! This one is set in a dressing room and has five menu driven single poses and two couple poses. Unfortunately, I don't have someone to take pictures with for the couple poses but believe me...they are HOT!

A beautiful room like this just calls for lingerie type pictures so enough with my chatting and feast your eyes on the pictures and this great dressing room!

Other credits:
Dutch Touch Dune Skin in Natural ($500 single skin sale on select items)
Reasonable Desires Eartha Lingerie (POE Hunt)
Magika Aurora Brown Hair

Saturday, January 9, 2010

cecille. skybox gift from Jordan Giant

Maybe you didn't know but Jordan Giant has a shop, nordari., on Albero and she has a suscribe group that you can join that won't take up one of your group spaces.

She recently gave the group this cute little skybox called cecille. It can be either 17 or 20 prims depending on if you want the light beams or not.

The textures and the quality of the skybox are wonderfully usual! So get down there and check out her little shop, her skyboxes and the wonderful freebies that she has out.

If you check the history section of her suscribo, you can still get this great skybox!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Me Then and Me Now

Sophia Harlow threw out a challenge for us to show what we looked like as new players and what we look like now.

Well, there I was back in November 2007 thinking that I was soooo hot in my Playboy look alike skin, Gurlywood hair and white go go outfit. Believe it or not, it was really hard for me to part with that skin because I got so attached to it and it just felt like me.

This is me now almost two years later! I still love the long wavy styles because that is what I wish I had in RL. I'm wearing the FreeSpeerit Kimberly skin but to be honest I change my skin almost daily now but this is one of my favorites and what I use as my profile pic.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Exile New Hair and SWA Skull Shirts

Cute new hair just released by Exile. I am wearing from left to right the Dane style in Coffee. It is really for men but it looks cute on us girls too. The middle style is the Eva and the cute curly ponytail style is the Molly. I am wearing all of them in the Coffee color. You can get these styles in a pack of colors for $225 or a fat pack with ALL of the colors for $1000.

I was digging through my inventory and found this skin from Tuli called Kalista and I thought it worked well with the various hair styles and has a fresh young look to it.

The cool Skull shirts that I am wearing are from Second Wave Apparel (SWA) and they come in a ton of colors and are only $50 for a set of six shirts. I love anything with skulls on them and what's great is these shirts have graphics on the front and back.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Reel Expression BOGO Sale

Reel Expression is currently having a BOGO sale for those who are in their subscribe group until January 3rd. If you aren't in the group, just tp over there and subscribe and go to the history section #2 to get the note card with the details.

I picked up this great cell block with 12 menu driven animations and a stair prop with 12 menu driven animations too.

I'm innocent I tell you! I'm innocent!

Get me out of here!

I'm climbing the walls in here...I need to try and bust out!

The stair prop. There are 11 more poses than this one!

Credits: Review copies with an (R)

Cell Block Photos:
42 Skin Battered
Lamb Bang Bang Bob Ink (50Linden Friday)
Luck Inc. Petite Fight Club mini dress (R)

Stair Prop Photo: Cassie Hair in Moody Brown
Free Speerit Kimberly Skin in Ocean
Zaara Kanti Lingerie in Frost