Saturday, August 28, 2010

Elymode Estrela Separates

Elymode has come out with some beautiful new separates that you can mix and match with one another or even with some other pieces that Elymode has.

Need some ideas? Well, check out the pictures below!

The Estrela teeny, tiny miniskirt, underbust corset and suspender top in teal.

The Estrela underbust corset and suspender top in white with tuxedo pants in black. I don't believe the black pants are still available because they were a new opening gift but there are plenty of other beautiful colors to choose from.

The Estrela underbust corset and suspender top in red with the soft denim skirt in black.

See what I mean? Options, options....oh the options!! So get down to Elymode and see what you can pick up to mix and match with!

Credits (Review copies with an R):
Elymode--Only the Estrela pieces are review copies. (R)
Analog Dog Tillie Hair in first picture
AtomicBambi Romaana SciFi skin (freebie--part of the SciFi hunt) in the first picture
Truth Paige in Chocolate in second and third picture
AtomicBambi Sara Tan in Pure Gloss makeup in second and third picture
Glitterati Garage Pose Prop

nordari.'s mint.apartment

nordari. has come out with a cute little apartment that looks as if it was inspired by mint chocolate chip cookies and it is yummy! She even includes a little recipe with your purchase!

This little apartment is the perfect size to get that cozy, lived in feeling and is full of light with the windows and the light beams! The light beams are optional and can be removed if you are tight on prims.

nordari. set out a little demo that you can check out that is wonderfully decorated to give you ideas on how you can set up your own apartment.

The free gift that nordari. set out with this release are these delicate little recycled paper lamps that would look great in this apartment or any living space.

To visit the demo and pick up one of these cute little apartments, just tp on over to nordari. It is a beautiful sim!

Friday, August 27, 2010

AtomicBambi Romaana Skins

Ohhh, brown eyed beauty you! AtomicBambi's latest release is the Romaana skin and I am just loving it! I love the pouty lips and I think the eyebrows are just right. They aren't too thick and they aren't too thin.

I am wearing the Romaana Sunblush in dark (the dark refers to the color of the eyebrows). There is also a version with light eyebrows for those of you who are blonde. With a purchase of a fat pack you get freckles, cleavages, hair bases and 10 makeups.

As you can see the makeups range from heavy to light so you have some good options to choose from. AtomicBambi also sells lipsticks in the tattoo layer for this skin so you can change things up even more!

Allure, Azure, Envy and Flush makeups

Gold, Hawt, Lulu and Navy makeups

Pure and Ruby makeups

AtomicBambi is turning out to be one of my favorite skin makers so if you are looking for a new look, you should definitely tp over to the store and try out some demos. I am sure you will find something you love!

Credits (Review copies with an (R):

AtomicBambi Romaana Skin in Sunblush Dark (R)
Truth Evie Hair in Chocolate
Poetic Colors Eyes in Dark Wood small

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Haven Designs and Ingenue

These picnic sundresses have been out for awhile from Haven Designs but when I was looking for a cute dress to wear with the new Citron shoes from Ingenue, I thought they were a perfect fit!

Honestly, I always thought Haven Designs was just a fantasy or costume type of clothing store so these were a nice surprise to see! I love the texture work and the style. When I saw a black dress in the pack, I didn't think a black picnic dress would really work but it does! It is just as cute and flirty as the other colors!

So after you buy one or more of these cute dresses, you need to stop by Ingenue to pick up one or more of her new Citron shoes. These are cute rounded toe wedges and I love how the heels have that curve in the back.

There is even a pair in the Midnight Mania board that you can try to win!

I'm only showing three out of the many color options that are available, so head on over to Haven Designs and Ingenue to pick up your favorite colors!

Other Credits: Reviews copies with an (R)

Haven Designs Picnic Sundress in Yellow, Peach and Black (R)
Ingenue Citron Shoes in Lemon, Nude and Ebon (R)
AtomicBambi Romaana Skin
Truth Roxana Hair (due to %50 off sale unable to tp to get slurl)
Mela's Red Gown Pose

Friday, August 13, 2010

Ambiance Hacienda Sets

Ambiance has come out with three new releases called Hacienda. All three sets are packed with furniture, animations and cute little accessories to complete your rooms.

First up and my favorite set out of the three is the living room. Wicker furniture is a favorite of mine in RL and this set is really well done. The seating has a ton of poses in it and the fireplace, lights and candles all have on/off options. You get everything that you see here which is great for filling up that living room space!

The small pillows and the rug are texture changing in this set so you have a few color options to play with.

Check out the couch! It is large and roomy for a lot of friends and I love the coffee and cheese cake accessories..details, details!

Next up is the dining room set and it includes everything that is shown. The rug and place mats are the texture changing items here. I really like the place setting details and the dining room chairs have eating animations included, which are always cute.

This is a nice set to fill up a dining room space with.

Last but not least is the bedroom set and all the furniture in this set is texture changing! I selected the plum texture since purple is my favorite color. Once again, you get everything that is shown! I like that it comes with a standing mirror and the pitcher and basket of towels are also nice accessories.

I would have liked to have seen a texture changing rug come with this set because I think rugs help tie a room together. Also, I would have liked to have seen some color changing options for the pot. Those are just personal preferences and by no means are they deal breakers for me.

If you would like to demo these sets and play with the texture changing options and ALL the animations, then get on over to Ambiance to check these sets out and all the other great furniture and accessories that they have!