Saturday, February 19, 2011

Elymode Shameless

Elymode is out with a new release called Shameless and that is good news for us because look at what Elysium Eilde has been busy creating!

Isn't this just the cutest, flirtiest thing you ever saw and you can keep changing it up to make it even sexier and sexier! I love dots and I love purple and I think the color combination with the teal and yellow is really cute.

The Shameless is sold in three sets..the long sleeve shirt set, the mini skirt & mini jumper and the half tank & panties. This allows you to mix and match with the other various colors that were just released too.

Also, if you join the group, you get a 20% discount on new clothing. There is a $350 fee to join but trust me, as a member of the group, it is worth it with the gifts, group exclusives and discounts.

Elymode Shameless in Purple
Exile Cynthia Hair
Bella Di Notte Charli Skin
LAP Joan Pose