Monday, June 23, 2008

Being Unique in SL

I was reading on the the article about the recent Miss SL 2008, BabeHoney Bailey, resigning from her position due to various issues. One of the reasons why she left is because of elitism and I will put one of the quotes she mentioned in the article.

"I had girls coming up to me, telling me they'd entered, or a few even who were campaigning for the crown weeks after I won it," explains Babyhoney. "And the story was pretty much the same across the board. One of these girls was told that although she was pretty, she was ordinary and that the BOSL and Miss SL Universe Organization isn't looking for ordinary. They're looking for the REAL most beautiful woman and they're looking for originality. I don't support that message that anyone is ordinary, and it might seem silly but I can't tie my name to the messages being thrown around."

That got me thinking how can one be unique in SL. Are these really, really beautiful women having their skins and shapes custom made? I know my Dutch Touch skin can look different on someone else with a different shape but I can usually spot a Dutch Touch skin when I see it. With only so many skin and shape vendors out there and everyone kind of shopping at the same place, what has someone like Mui Mukerji done to get her unique look?

I am putting a link to the article in case you are interested in reading it.

Oh Yea...."Discuss amongst yourselves!"



Alicia Chenaux said...

Oh you know...we're all different, just like everyone else. LOL

The only way you can TRULY be unique in SL, appearance wise, is by having a completely custom skin. And that means one that was made especially for you, in no other skin tones or makeups, and that has never been sold or given out in any form or fashion.

And how often does THAT happen? LOL

Our individuality in SL comes from our personalities, not how we look. Unfortunately a lot of people don't understand that.

CeN said...

It's posible to be identical twins in SL very easily, and also possible to look like close sisters if you wear the same skin. Shape does change a skin slightly, but as you mentionned there are still similarities.

Once you start adding hair and clothing you do start to develop your own "look" or "style", but really you can't have a completely unique look in SL unless you make everything yourself, or have it custom made just for you.

That doesn't mean we shouldn't continue to work on our own look and identity though, and as Alicia siad it's our personalities that set us apart.