Monday, June 16, 2008

To See or Not to See in SL? That is the Question.

So Cen brought up meeting SL friends in RL. I mentioned that one thing that I really don't like to see in SL is people's RL pics in their profile. Now I have never had anyone send me a picture and I have never asked for one either. However, I can be nosey so I look on the 1st Life tab in their profile just to see what they say and sometimes I see a picture.

Now, I know we all don't look like our avatars in RL. However, seeing an RL pic of that avatar just ruins it for me but I can't say why exactly.

But this is one reason you will never see my RL pic in my profile.
Take a look at the pic below. Now I don't look anything like that in RL but I wish I looked like that in RL! When I see my avatar looking like that, I think "Wow! She (or I) looks like some kick ass hot Harley biker chick who could play guitar in a Heavy Metal band!" "She looks like she could not give a f*#* what anyone thinks about her with all of her tattoos and killer hair! She is probably spontaneous and a risk taker, etc., etc." You get the picture.

See, she is everything I am not and that I wish I was outside and inside. So to me SL is a way to live vicariously through my avatar. I guess, I hope that when other avatars see me looking like that they think the same things I do. If they were to see my RL pic in my profile, they would probably think "Oh, she looks like she works a 8-5 job as an administrative assistant who probably drives a mini van" LOL! Some of those things are true and some are not. LOL!


CeN said...

Even if someone is really attractive in RL, you are right it does change something for me, because they likely don't look exactly like the "person" I've come to know them as.

Heck I even find it wierd when a friend gets a new skin and hair, it's just not "them".

I'm sure everyone has different comfort level on this, but I'm with you.

Joonie Jatho said...

I've put my RL pic on my profile before...but not for long. Usually because a friend wants to see what I look like.

But I agree with both of you. There is something that takes away from the fantasy of it all when RL comes into the pic.

I think it all comes down to why you're there. If it's to meet ppl, then fine, RL is for you. If not, then what's the point, ya know?

I'm torn on this issue. If I was single in SL, I would def NOT do RL. Once those pesky feelings get involved, tho, it seems like a natural progression.

Great topic! I think it needs it's own blog! LOL