Sunday, June 22, 2008

Deep Thoughts

Does anyone remember that skit from Saturday Night Live? Anyway, as I sit here watching a battle scene from the movie Troy, my thoughts drift toward SL and working in SL. LOL! Just kidding!

But really, I was surprised by Cen's poll that most people use their credit card in SL and only 6% worked in SL. I have actually had a few jobs in SL. I was a receptionist, a non-exotic dancer, hostess and a stage manager. One thing I have learned about SL is that employment could be here one day and gone the next. At my first job, as a receptionist, the owner broke her wrist in RL and could no longer get on a computer. That was in December and I haven't seen her since.

Another thing about employment in SL, is that it is fun and great at first and then guess what? It starts to feel like a job....just like in RL! It becomes mundane and you don't always feel like logging on to do it but I keep on doing it to support my clothes, hair and skin addiction and to pay the rent! Oh yea, and just like in RL the communication between management and the employees usually really sucks!

Even though I think of SL as a game, I do try to treat my SL jobs seriously. I still work as a hostess at Blue Fusion and I do log in on time and work my shift. If I need time off, I do give a two weeks notice, etc. I guess, some people may find that silly but Blue Fusion does pay me well plus tips and I know the management and DJs and artists do depend on the hostesses to be there.

Even though I will be leaving Blue Fusion in a few weeks due to RL changes and I will be losing that SL income, I am kind of looking forward to it. As I said earlier, it has been feeling like a RL job for some time now.

As far as my apt issue, I will be joining that other high percentage of people who use their credit cards in SL. I figure $10-$15 USD a month to keep my apt and have some shopping and tipping money should be enough to fund my SL hobby. The way I look at it is that SL is a hobby and that is not very much to support a hobby. If I was in to crafts or sports, my monthly hobby expenses would be a lot more than that.


Quaintly Tuqiri said...

I've always used my credit card, apart from at the beginning when a friend gave me some Linden and I just went around collecting freebies. Having a job always seemed too much like RL work, and I don't always go inworld at a specific time, so it's hard to give any employer a clear-cut work schedule. But I'm starting a job today, we'll see how that works out!

CeN said...

LOL yes I'm slacking on writing up my poll wrap up LOL I just thought I had too many posts for the last two days already.

I agree, I wouldn't want to commit to a job in SL, it's for socializing for me.

Alicia Chenaux said...

When I was a club hostess and DJ, I enjoyed it at first but then it just sucked. LOL I don't work in RL, and working in SL started to feel just as frustrating as my former RL job. When the club closed, it was almost a relief. If it ever reopens, even though I said I'd go back if it did, I don't think I will be. I enjoy what I do too much to be tied down like that, I guess. Luckily between my store and DJing on Wednesdays, that manages to keep me in rent & shopping money, because buying money isn't really an option for me currently. :)

Meara Deschanel said...

I'm one of the credit card people - always have been. But I have worked in SL before. I've done the odd modeling job here and there, and I used to sell pre-fab homes. I also did a brief stint in a jewelery store, though I didn't like it much since I had to wear a uniform and stay in the store (as opposed to the home sales where I only TP'ed in when the visitor counter went off.)

As I spend more time in SL though I've been thinking of getting some type of job to help keep me busy, but am not sure what. Hmmm...I'll have to do a blgo post about it. :D