Friday, June 27, 2008

Wow! Drama at Calla!

I was just reading Shopping Cart Disco about the behind the scenes break up of the two hair designers at Calla. I have to say that type of drama in SL really makes me sad because SL is supposed to be fun and it seems that for so many people it becomes so much like RL. Once money, profit and power kicks in, people get greedy or turn in some awful way just like it can happen in RL.

Of course, that was just one side of the story and I don't know what the other side is but I have seen and heard about this type of break up and drama happening a lot. It seems like it causes quite a few people to decide to just quit SL because it is no longer fun and it causes too much stress even in their RL.

After reading the article, I had to head to some place that would bring a smile to my face. I think I found it! Look at the cutie pie next to me...he could bring a smile to anyone's face!


Alicia Chenaux said...

Well that is just sad. Of course, I'm more sad that they seem to have lost what was a long friendship rather than the patents and logos and island and all that mess.

But holy crap, that's a LOT of money they've made on hair! LOL

Elle Maxim said...

The article is very 1 sided. I believe that both parties did things they should not have. I was going to wait on a blog about it but apparently it cannot wait. Let's just say that Tigerlily does not smell as sweet as a "lily" as her blog makes her appear.