Monday, June 9, 2008

SL Retail Therapy

The question of the day from Alicia is "Where do you go to shop when you just need some retail therapy? Do you suffer from buyers remorse later? What is the most expensive thing in your inventory?"

I would have to say that I don't go anywhere in particular when I get the itch to shop in SL. However, I usually will go hair shopping when I definitely want to spend some Lindens.

I have gotten buyers remorse before. Actually, when I bought my skin fat packs, I got buyer's remorse. Don't get me wrong because I love my Dutch Touch skins but I had never spent that much money in SL before. So that answers the third Dutch Touch skin fat packs have been my most expensive purchase yet in SL. I have a feeling that just about everyone is going to say thier skin purchase has been their most expensive purchase.

Ah, I finally went and purchased one more item from Zaara's Indian Couture. I picked up the special dress she made for the RFL. I was really surprised at how empty that SIM was this weekend. I wonder if they let the whole RFL thing go on for too long and now people have just moved on. Sorry, but my picture really does not do the dress justice as to how pretty it is. I am still new to the whole picture, posing and lighting thing.

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