Sunday, June 8, 2008

What Would I Change In SL?

Alicia's question of the day is "If there was one thing on the grid that you could snap your fingers and it would be gone forever, what would it be and why? It has to be something other than lag. ;)

Well, I would have to say DRAMA! However, since real people are behind these avatars, that would probably never change!

So for a more realistic point of view, I would have to say people trying to rip other people off! Whether it be content theft or some vendor setting up shop and selling items that are usually free to some unsuspecting newbie.

When I was new, I hit the typical freebie places as everyone else does. Then after a while I ventured out further and noticed there were stores selling this freebie stuff at a pretty high mark up! Well, that is just WRONG to take advantage of other people like that! If I could snap my fingers and make it go away, I would!

Before I go, I want to show you a pic of the tattoo I bought at Truth. I need another tattoo in SL like I need another hole in my head but since it was on sale, I figured why not!


Anonymous said...

ooh gorgeous tat.. I never thought to check Truth for Tats

CeN said...

Oh wow, wow again... I really like that.

I rarely wear tats in SL and have very few (LMAO I have more in RL) but that is really interesting and well done.