Sunday, June 15, 2008

Squatting In SL

So, as you may have read from my previous post, my husband and I will be adopting soon in RL. This means that I will have to quit my SL job in about a month and leave my SL apt too. So I will be SL homeless. My first thought was just to live on Noob Island when I needed a place to hang out and change, etc.

Then it occured to me...why not become a SL squatter? I know, tacky...huh? Now be honest with your opionions here about this. See, I found a place with a treehouse demo or model. It is fully furnished and I can open up boxes there and drop a pose stand down and it is really cute. The teleporter works and the blinds, etc. No one is ever around in 96m according to my Mysti Tool so I thought why not?? I can't put my own furniture there or anything but again...I am just looking for a private place to change most of the time. So what do you think? Is this tacky? Am I taking advantage of someone or something? Just to be one lives there. It is just a place that is advertising a model.

I know, I know...I have more important RL things to be concerned about at this time than where I am going to live in SL. Believe me, I do feel like crap about that especially with world hunger and gas prices that I am even letting this concern me!


CeN said...

If you aren't fussy about how it looks and just need a bit of privacy to change and such gimme a buzz in game. We've got empty buildings at the Viper Pit you can squat in or on LOL.

RedIce said...

That is a nice place! I think u can stay there. Just make sure you clear up before the auto return is activated. Cos if the auto return is activated, the owner will know someone is using his/her land and he/her may disallow building.