Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day all you Canadians! In honor of your day, I did a search for Canada and found this place called Canada Post Maple Groves. I was able to get a freebie Canada postal truck and I took it back to my apt and took it out for a spin.

Also, here at least five things that I like from Canada. They are in no particular order:

Canadian Bacon (so much better for you than the other bacon)
The band Rush
The band Triumph
The Butchart Gardens in Victoria
Wayne Gretzky (no Canadian list would be complete without him on it)
The movie "Young Bloods" (I don't know if this was filmed in Canada or not but the story took place in Canada and it had a hot young Rob Lowe, Patrick Swazye, Keenu Reeves and a few other guys in it)


CeN said...

OMG That's too funny!
Canada Post is what our mail service is called and this is a Post about Canada. LMAO

Nikki Zenovka said...


I need that truck to travel those new Linden roads if they insist on building by my place (sighs). Then I'll go pick you up Cen. Good thing gas prices are a bit better in SL than Canada!

Wonder how many bloggers we can get in the back (or on top of!) that truck...