Saturday, June 21, 2008

Discuss Amongst Yourselves--Coffee Talk!

Remember that skit on Saturday Night Live with Mike Myers?

Anyway, we are spending the day with the kiddo today so I won't have much to blog but I do have a topic for discussion. It is something that I have been thinking about.

What would make you leave SL? Drama, RL, Boredom, etc? Have you already left SL for a significant amount of time? Do you have friends that left SL permanently?

I'm not thinking about leaving SL. I'm just curious about what others might think.

Have a good day everyone!


Meara Deschanel said...

I've taken "breaks" from SL before, namely because I got involved in playing another game and did not have as much time or inclination to stay in SL as much as I had before. But I can never truly leave as SL fulfills a certain need for me in terms of my online social experience - one that can't be satisfied by playing WoW, SWG, EQ2, or AoC, etc. (holy acronym Batman!)

If any one thing would make me quit logging in, it would likely be MAJOR drama. Thank goodness I have not had to deal with drama in SL on the scale that I've had to deal with it in other games I've played! Other than that, I suppose boredom could make me take a break, but I would be back eventually.

CeN said...

I've taken a few breaks from SL, but each time I knew it was a break not quitting.

Sometimes just burnout causes me to take two or three days off.

There was one drama that almost made me quit, but instead I just started over.

I hope I never experience anything that would make me quit, because it would have to be BAD.

Obviously, in RL stuff came up that didn't allow me to be on that would be different.

Bettye Dugan said...

In the (almost) year that I've been in SL I've never had the inclination to leave, although I will admit, I've wanted someone ELSE to leave. LOL I'm not sure that anything could happen to make me not want to login. And that's BIG because some serious shite has happened to me once or twice here, but here I am! :P And I took a week off due to RL vaca a week back and though I really enojoyed the vacation, I was happy to come home and log back in.